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Which website is good for medical information?

Asked by flo (13158points) August 3rd, 2016

Other than Mayo Clinic I mean.

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I have gotten a lot of useful infor off

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Depends on what you’re looking for. Can you be more specific?

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When I want medical information from the Internet, I read the Mayo Clinic site first.

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I use Wikipedia.

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I use and the Mayo Clinic.

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The internet generally just isn’t good for medical information. WebMD will tell you your every ache and pain could be cancer and it will just cause you more worry that it’s worth.

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I visit several websites for information in order to get a more balanced view.

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I’m a medical librarian in the uk. I’d recommend NHS Choices. The symptoms and progress of the ailments are the same for everyone, no matter where you live although your medical system may have different drugs in use. Its comprehensive and easy to use

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I can’t stand WebMD. They are seriously bad at times and often not much better than that ridiculous ‘Living Strong’ website. I go to Mayo clinic and NHS if I have to turn to the internet for something.

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How about Australia’s or Newzealand’s major websites?

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This is an afterthought:.... In the whole world there must be more than Mayo Clinic… The G7 countries at least must have their own version of Mayo Clinic, right?

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@flo So… do you read Norwegian?

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@cazzie No I don’t, but not everything is aaalllll about me. I’m not a Trump and Trump supporter.
And there’s at least one good translate websites out there for free or not.

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@flo Yes, of course other countries have websites for quality health information. My suggestion above is the UK’s. A quick search turned up which looks to be the Australian version.

Assessing the quality of a website can be difficult, but you can learn to do it yourself. Here is an article from the National Library of Medicine.

There is also a scheme called the HON code Health On the Net Foundation and is a standard for trustworthy health information. You can find the Mayo Clinic’s award here

In my (professional) opinion, the Mayo Clinic site is good but you have to remember that other countries have different drug and medicines policies so the site will not give you the relevant information if you are not in the USA.

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@Stinley Thanks for the links. But some things are basic no matter where in the world we are I’m thinking.

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