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Have you ever given someone a gift only to find out later that it made their worst gift list? If so, what did you give?

Asked by mrjadkins (1256points) July 31st, 2008

I know we all have received funky gifts. But have you given a dud before? If so, what did you give?

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I don’t know about worst gift ever for someone. You’d prebably have to quiz the recipients. I sometimes think I give gifts that are too practical.

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I received one from a former friend – a nice mechanical pen and pencil set with her and not my monogram on them.

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No. I always pick the perfect gift. Either that or no one tells me how they really feel about what I give them. Isn’t it the “thought that counts”? Cliche, I know.

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how would one go about finding out that this gift made the worst gift list. i would hope that the receiver wouldnt tell the person their gift sucked

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hmmm – interesting responses. I guess the people I hang out with are way too honest. I did bless a newly married couple with a candle one year. It made the bottom of the heap. We laugh about it…or they laugh at me about it to this day…..

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@mrjadkins They sound like good friends!

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This had to make the worst gift list: I gave my partner Jenn a gift certificate to a spa for a pedicure and manicure. When she went to the spa they had closed and were out of business!

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See Harry Potter; one toothpick, a pair of used socks, etc.

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Once I gave a treasured book away. Never again. :^(

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So that you would not forget about the friend, Everytime you write you would think of them. :P

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Of course, I have long since lost both pen and pencil (and friend went with my ex- as part of the settlement.)

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dang glad you lost them then.

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