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What's important? Really.

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (32729points) August 5th, 2016

If we can detach ourselves from our own everyday milieu and take a broader look, what is important? I mean what is really important?

There are the basics like clean air to breathe and wholesome food to eat and safe shelter to access.

There are some more abstract things like education and belonging to a community.

The highest importance may ultimately belong to realizing our full potential as humans. (How do we do that?)

For me, what happens in community is really important. Community is everything that happens between us.

And for you? What’s really important?

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“Only connect.”

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I say connection is important in my gay-dating app profile. Perhaps that’s why I get few offers?

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Makes sense. It’s only through true connection that we can truely understand each other. Only then can communication be truely productive. And communication is the key to any relationship. A relationship between you and your community is also better when honesty and empathy are at the forefront.

Communication, connection, and the will to see other’s points of view.

I would add coexistence.

Although, to me, all these seem intertwined.

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@MrGrimm888 Yes, you’re right. They are intertwined. Community can be between 2 people or the whole planet of people. Communication is so important, and for me, listening is more important than talking.

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It totally depends on what is your goal. If personal contentment is your goal, then nothing is important. When all things become unimportant to you, you can achieve contentment.

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Fluther. It has improved my quality of life.

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That my family is healthy and safe.

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Showing love and kindness to other human beings.

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Well..I think it depends on what stage of life you’re in..based on which priorities keep changing. For now getting settled is important as far as I’m concerned. Other things are also important as mentioned by you / others but ultimate goal for everyone should be realizing our potential and living up to it which is hardly done by people these days.

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Finding some peace in our place and our time.

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So many things to list on various levels. Safe world, climate, clean water, clean air, peace, family, stress free as possible, health care, money, a vacation here and there, being treated kindly in the workplace, having some leisure time alone by myself, having the same with my child.

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Potential does not exist, nor does “purpose”.
Both are ever changing. At 56.5 now my “potential” to pull off a 100 mile endurance horse race has waned ( though last years winner was 70 something haha ). “Purpose” is not a set point, it is ever changing, so, there really is no “purpose.” At 25 your purpose might be to be a parent, at 55 your purpose might be to rediscover your 25 year old self.

The only thing that is really important in life is having integrity, comporting yourself as the best you can be. Saying what you mean and meaning what you say, being congruent in what you think, feel, and act on. The only thing we take with us is our integrity, our good will. Sure, maybe you could have written the great american novel but wtf…you didn’t, but that doesn’t mean it’s not within you. haha

What’s most important is leaving a legacy of good will and fun stories that others will tell about you after you are gone.
I have been to hell and back the last few years, tanking in this economy, and my friends tell me that I am an “iron horse”, that I may go down but I always come up again, that I am smart, funny, and a trooper, hey, if that’s my legacy, well, not too bad.

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Contentment would be nice.

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Inner peace and sharing love.

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What’s important is to maintain the delusion that there’s anything important.

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This moment.

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I remember when my dad died. I was too far away to attend, but I was told of the many people who attended his funeral. People he had touched. People he had helped, listened to and guided. He wasn’t a wealthy man. He didn’t leave a huge financial fortune. He was a rich man. He made a positive impact on people’s lives. It was a big lesson for me. What is really important is the effect we have on others. How we interact with the people we meet. Not just our families and friends and colleagues, but everyone we meet. A smile can save someone’s life. A kind word can give someone hope. @Hawaii_Jake, you used the word connect. Connect or interact – either way, it’s all about relationships, short and long-term, with other people. That’s what matters.

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Helping our neighbors.

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Decency and equity—that old “golden rule.” A bishop once quoted King Charles II as saying: The only things that God hates are that we be wicked and that we design mischief. So don’t be mean and don’t make trouble.

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Dispensing with our petty social differences so we can all look forward.

How exactly does standing in line across a bridge get us to Mars in my lifetime?

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@Earthbound_Misfit Amen. in the end, memories are all you have to leave. Make sure they’re good ones.

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Whats really important?
To know that one is doing the best they can with their God given talents and to find their true purpose in this life.
To live an exemplary life and to accept things that one cannot change.
To be just and understanding of the foibles of human interaction.
To learn to understand yourself fully as to the “why’ you act the way and react the way that you have done and to reason out that is to truely understand others in a way that generates wisdom .
To teach by example to uplift and inspire those that follow in yur footsteps in this long journey of life.

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Smashin your girl/guy and finding a job you can tolerate?

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