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How do I get my TVs to see a new router wi-fi network?

Asked by janbb (57157points) August 6th, 2016

I just got a new faster router from Verizon. I think i can install it myself but I am concerned about the TVs will connect through HDMI2. Will there be something I need to do in addition to installing the router? I assume my other devices will see the new network and just ask for the password.

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Going to need more details than that.

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What details?

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How do your tvs connect? You say hdmi but that has nothing to do with a router.
Do you have cable, satellite or over the air service? Are you connecting the tvs to the router for smart tv features? Using a set top box like a roku?

Need to know all of that.

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When setting up mine I went to settings then network connections then when the router was recognised I put in the password. I connected through an ethernet cable but your TV may use WiFi.

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Think I need to get a friend over to help…..

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What kind of TV is it? With that, we can grab some instructions and the rest should fall into place.

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@funkdaddy Thanks – but I do think I’ll have to muck about it with a friend. There are two tvs, one is older and the internet comes through the DVD player; the other is a Google tv. I have a set-top box for the cable. The downstairs one is an Insignia and about 7 years old. The upstairs one is a Google and about 5 years old.

It may become obvious once I begin to play with it but I don’t want to be without my streaming for too long which is why I am trying to figure it out. But I know everyone’s set up is idiosyncratic so it will probably have to be hands on help.

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Ok, totally understand.

I have a google TV (Android TV, change Wifi network), if you wanted to tackle that one, it’s a setting on the “Home” screen, all the way to the bottom. There’s a dedicated icon for the wifi network and it’s usually labeled with the network name. If you click it, you can change that one pretty easily. It will list the networks around you in order of strength, so yours should be first.

Not as sure for the DVD player that you have hooked up.

Networking is always a bit of trial and error, especially with new equipment, so no worries if it’s better just to wait, but feel free to holler if you give it a shot and get stuck.

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@janbb I would go with “phone a friend”.

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@funkdaddy Thanks – I will and yes, I imagine the Google will be obvious but the older set up less so.

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Each device will connect either by wire (ethernet cable, looks like a beefy phone cable) or wireless (wifi).

If it’s wired, you just remove the plug from the old router and stick it in the new one.

If it’s wireless, the device’s menu will have a networking setting to enter the wifi password.

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Newer TVs like mine have wifi built in, just like computers and tablets.

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@Pachy Yeah but this is an older one

It looks like the downstairs TV is wired in and the upstairs has the setting for Wi_Fi. I guess Ican just try unplugging things from the old router and then replugging them into the same place on the new router? I’ll give it a shot over the next couple of days and report back.

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You should not have to rewire anything but the new router. You will have to reconfigure your wifi devices though.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me Yeah – I understood about the devices.

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Took some doing but a friend and I got it all working ok. Very relieved.

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