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If you are a current supporter of Donald Trump, can you enlighten tell me in simple terms, why?

Asked by ibstubro (18765points) August 6th, 2016

How is Trump more than a distraction from the flaws of Clinton?

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No comments..

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Not a supporter, truth be told, as an englishman I have not a single fuck to give
However, I have an accurate analogy for the reasons why those who back Trump regardless of the consequences & it goes something like this…

It feels like when you’re watching Jurassic Park & you support the goat

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The people I know who support Trump support him because they think he will balance trade and bring jobs back to the US. Because they feel like he won’t favor minorities. That he will help business. The last I’ll name I think is really waning, and will be a doozie for Trump, and will probably kill his possibility of winning, they liked him because they believed he would not be a puppet of the party. I think he is showing signs of acting like a politician and working deals by endorsing Ryan and McCain. He officially endorsed them with a paper in his hand that he read off of. I don’t think he gives a shot about them, and for someone like Trump who rarely reads a script or a prepared speech to read off of a paper like that? I think it looks terrible.

I could name 10 reason why no one should vote for him, but you didn’t ask that, and the people voting for him either ignore those issues or don’t care about them.

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I’m not a Trump supporter and I don’t live in Trumpland but I would guess his support comes from those who feel America is failing as a country and its leaders aren’t tackling the problems of immigration and wealth inequality. It’s a protest vote and his supporters give little thought to what a Trump victory would really mean for them and their country.

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Because despite all this talk and blustering about “freedom”, they actually really love strong-arm despots like Trump, Putin and others of their ilk.
They want a powerful Führer that solves all their perceived problems.

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I forgot one other thing, they want a republican in office, because of the Supreme Court. Those people want more laws held up that take away individual freedoms. They say they want less government, but it depends what topic you are talking about.

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A large portion of Trump’s supporters are lacking in education, through which we learn cognitive thinking; and in worldly travel, by which we experience other cultures, belief systems and perspectives which, though different from ours, are fully as valid.

Isolated in their communities and prone to get their information and have their beliefs reinforced by like-thinkers and right-wing media outlets like Fox News, these people are close-minded and easily manipulated. History has taught us over and over that despots like Donald Trump who are skilled at tapping into the fears and prejudices of such people use their gullibility for their own ends. Trump has convinced his followers that “straight talking” automatically means honest, factual and truthful. It doesn’t.

Trump’s followers are lemmings, and their edge cliff is less than 100 days away.

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It’s not that I prefer Trump, more that I can’t stomach Hillary and the Clinton Clan. IMHO there is not a good option here. Peace

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I hear people talking about him keeping Muslims out too.

What they don’t seem to realize, or remember, is that he will also be appointing Supreme Court justices that will be anti-labor, anti-abortion, and all other kinds of stuff that is not beneficial to the average lower and middle class person.

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The truth is I care more about the real issues than I do all the political correctness that democrats scream about. I think the trade deficit is a major problem. Illegal immigration is a major problem. ISIS is a major problem. Excessive and punitive regulation is a major problem.

I see nothing from Hillary that would have any positive impact on these problems. Trump does have a tendency to make comments that haven’t been completely thought through. I don’t agree with everything he says but he at least tries to address the issues. Hillary’s ‘more of the same’ campaign leaves me with no hope. I do believe we are on the wrong track and a change of course is essential. I believe Trump will bring that and Hillary will not. If Kahn wants to viciously attack Trump and Trump fires back, OK maybe he shouldn’t do that but it’s not going to hurt the economy either. We can stand a few political mishaps but not economic nor national security mishaps. I’m going with the candidate that will address my most pressing concerns not the one that doesn’t think there are any pressing concerns. IMHO

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I think people overlook, or can’t discuss fairly, how it feels to be a white male of any political leaning right now. I’m not saying it’s right, or wrong for that matter, just not acknowledged or discussed intelligently. It’s not discussed because it’s a minefield of talking points.

Right now every group feels they are under attack and many loudly proclaim that others are either with them, or part of the problem. It’s appealing to fight against something, it gives us meaning, it gives goals, and heroes. It certainly beats standing for nothing.

For 90% of those causes, white men should literally say nothing counter to the message or tactics of any group without being labeled in support of their attackers or oppressors. Comments are not judged on merit, we should just sit down. It’s a weird time.

I know, poor white guys, right? Or “to the privileged, equality feels like oppression”... I hear you. I’m mostly with you on that. It just doesn’t feel like a real solution to just shift blame around.

So imagine I addressed a group of young black men and said something that really isn’t controversial like “nothing keeps a young man out of trouble like a father who takes an active role in his son’s life.”... as a white man the feeling is I should just keep that to myself. That would probably catch a lot of negative press right now.

Imagine I’m scrapping money together for a house. If I move to a minority neighborhood, I’m gentrifying. Regardless of income, regardless of position in the world. I’m gentrifying because I’m white. I’m moving the character of a place out and replacing with my bland whiteness. My place is the suburbs or the expensive neighborhoods.

Everyone wants to feel they’re fighting against something, and I think that’s resulting in candidates like Trump and most of the other frontrunners in this year’s Republican primaries. People don’t want to be blamed or silenced and they are promised a voice. Trump also promises that he’ll find the people that are “really the problem” and make sure they aren’t around any more.

Not sure who we’d blame after that, but maybe placing blame got us here in the first place.

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In this video you can hear Trump fans express, from the bottoms of their hearts, their reasons for supporting him.

(If you support Trump but are disgusted by the behavior of the people in this video and feel you have nothing in common with them, how you reconcile your shared belief that Trump best represents your interests and values is something I would like to know.)

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I agree, @BosM, that there’s not a good option here. I have to go with better, or least destructive.

And candidate Trump has proposed…what? @Jaxk Positive, realistic impact on those problems? The biggest concern I share with you is ISIS, and I’d much rather see Clinton at the helm on that one, as opposed to Trump.
Explain to me how candidate Trump is going to deport 17,000 illegal Mexican immigrants per day for a year in an economical fashion, while spending billions building “The Wall”. Seriously. Where do you release 17,000 deported Mexicans per day?
Bombast and rhetoric.
Moronic posturing.
Trump’s pretty sure Putin’s admirable. It’s Paul Ryan he has doubts about. John “he’s a loser” McCain.

I hope it doesn’t negate anyone’s participation here if I say “Best answer!”, @funkdaddy.
I think you nailed Trump supporters.
I can’t say that I agree with you on all points, but as a white, male, American, I do feel embattled. Assaulted on all sides by usurpers to the crown. A crown I’ve never worn, held, or seen.
White Americans today are usually depicted as condescending, regardless of intent or real life.

I watched your video, @trolltoll, and it just made me sad.

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@ibstubro – “Explain to me how candidate Trump is going to deport 17,000 illegal Mexican immigrants per day”. Easy, he won’t. To my knowledge he hasn’t said he will. He said he will deport them BECAUSE that’s what the law says. The 17000 is simply a democratic talking point. The President is supposed to enforce the law not ignore or replace it as he/she sees fit. Hillary has no plan what-so-ever to secure the border. Her only plan on immigration is to make everyone a citizen of the USA. That’s been tried and it only caused even more illegal immigration. Not to mention that our immigration system gives preference to family (spouses, kids, parents, siblings, and grand parents) so if you grant citizenship for 11 million illegals you open the flood gates for another 50–60 million. We’re struggling with this problem now, making it worse won’t help.

If you like Hillary for the ISIS problem, I have to assume you like what is going on now. Again, she has no idea other than to keep doing what we’re doing. Good luck with that.

As for Putin, Hillary already tried to cozy up with him. Remember the Reset Button? It’s not that she is tougher, she’s not, her strategy just didn’t work. I’m not surprised. There’s nothing wrong with having a friendly or at least respectful relationship with those you have to negotiate with. Frankly I’m sick of politicians and would like to see someone that has actually done something.

As for @trolltoll‘s little video, Listen to the hillary supports protesting outside Trump’s ralleys. Listen to ‘Black lives Matter’. Listen to the guy that shot 5 cops in Dallas and tell me if those are the supporters you’d rather have. Just because you find a few people that say something you don’t like, you can’t paint the entire group with that fiction.

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I will say this for Trump. He did manage to wrest away control of the nominating process from GOP movers and shakers, and he achieved it by snatching up the party faithful whipped up for decades to consistently vote against their own interests. The GOP has for decades been playing to the lowest common denominator in this society and exploiting those folks shamefully to the benefit of monied interests, and the democrats aren’t far behind in selling out their essential constituency as well. Hillary has some changes to enact, or the Dems are next. Depend on it. Bernie was the shot across the bow.

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The 17,000 is not a talking point, to my knowledge, @Jaxk. It it the number of illegal immigrants Donald Trump promised to deport divided – by me – by the days available in his given time frame. I hate it when you just pull this shit out of your ass.
But it make ignoring any valid argument you might make a lot easier.

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Another thing that’s not clear that Trump has put forth is the wall that is going to be built between the US and Mexico. Who is paying for that? Is it really practical to build a wall over 1000 miles long in the middle of a dessert? We have crumbling roads and bridges and we’re going to erect a wall?

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@jca There already is walls and high fencing along the majority of the border I think.

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@jca It costs from 1 to 5 million dollars a mile to build an Interstate. They would probably have to build a road first just to get equipment in and out while building. So figure $1,000,000 times 1000 miles or a billion dollars minimum. To be paid for by who? ?

It would take more then four years !

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@ibstubro – The Democrats have been screaming about this for a year. All the ‘Doom and Gloom’ scenarios are based on forcible deportation. That won’t happen. We know that about half of all the illegals are Visa overstays and that may take a different strategy than than others. A combination of eliminating some of the incentives and enforcing penalties may force many to go home on their own. And what if he can’t reach the goal, but only gets half or a quarter? He won’t be the first candidate for office that didn’t accomplish everything. Get a grip, the sky is not falling.

@jca – I’m not sure we need an interstate highway to build the wall but it does sound like something government would do. That’s why we need a change, to bring things back to reality.

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@Jaxk: I think you misunderstood me. I’m saying there are crumblings roads and bridges all over the country that need repair and there’s no funds for, but we’re going to spend billions on building a wall between the countries? Or is Mexico paying for it (which is something I’ve heard tossed around)?

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@jca – Mexico paying for the wall has been Trump’s major campaign promise from the beginning. As for infrastructure spending both Trump and Hillary have have campaigned on that. I don’t see much difference between them. So regardless of who gets elected spending on that will increase.

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@Jaxk: Do you really think Mexico is going to pay for a wall like that? Billions of dollars in the dessert. Do you think it’s practical to spend so much on a wall when the infrastructure is a mess?

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@jca – Yeah, I think we could get mexico to pay for it depending on how we count it. One easy way would be an import tariff and use the tax collected to pay for it. I’m sure there are lots of other ways to get that money but that the first thing that comes to mind. Slow the movement of manufacturing to Mexico and gain control of the border at the same time.

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@Jaxk “I’m sure there are lots of other ways to get that money”

Wow, that’s something I don’t often hear from a conservative. Funny how there’s always money somewhere for wars and walls and never for anything that actually improves citizens’ quality of life.

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because poor people are lazy bloodsucking parasites and deserve to starve to death in filth.~

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@ragingloli Oh right, I forgot!

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