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Do you ever stop following questions immediately after you leave a comment?

Asked by jonsblond (43227points) August 7th, 2016

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Rarely. I keep most of my quips open.

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Nope. The only time I stop following is if the question has so many answers that it takes forever to load.

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I rarely unfollow anything. I do, however, stop participating in threads for many reasons. I often lurk around and watch the discussions unfold, and add my voice. When I have decided that there is no point in watching the thread, I stop “following”. I just let it be like there is nothing. I still click on it in my activities though, but I don’t read anything.

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No. I’ll usually wait a few weeks and then unfollow, but I’m more likely to read (maybe not too carefully, it depends) everything in the thread.

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Not often.

I will unfollow a question if I happen to be spending a lot of time on Fluther and there are frequent new answers of no substance (like if two people start having an unrelated discussion which happens not to interest me).

I’ll also unfollow a question if it’s a simple leave-your-answer-here question, and the answers turn out to be less interesting than I anticipated. I can’t think of a good example of this off the top of my head. I guess the party questions are kind of like that. I’d rather drop in from time to time than receive alerts every ten minutes.

I don’t ask many questions, but once or twice I’ve unfollowed my own question because the answers were spiralling off in the wrong direction after I’d already received good ones.

<shrug> Fluther’s not all that busy lately. If I unfollowed every question I left an answer on, there wouldn’t be much to see here. But I guess, looking over my own answer, what usually triggers me to unfollow is if I don’t want a specific question to trigger the “Activity for you” count. I like to keep the count at zero, so I always visit the questions that pop up there. Some questions I just don’t want to visit frequently.

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I usually follow for a day or two but not always. I’m an out with the old in with the new type. Sometimes I’ll get a GA on a question I abandoned that I had forgotten all about. I delete questions almost daily.

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I can’t recall doing that. I’ve unfollowed when a thread is annoying me, or if I’m just not interested in the discussion taking place. Have you?

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Rarely immediately. Sometimes if it’s a subject I’ve commented on before and I’m pretty sure that everyone will say the same stuff, then I’m sorry I bothered to comment at all.

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No, not immediately after I reply. But, I might stop following after a thread grows very long or strays far from the OP. The normal and natural meandering of any conversation is part of the fun, but I can lose interest after much departure.

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Not immediately no. I usually give the topic somewhat of a chance to aciculate more answers. I usually just unfollow when I feel that there is nothing more for me to add.

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I don’t think I’ve unfollowed anything yet. I’m still trying to get a feel for the personalities here so I’m reading to learn about the responders, more than the actual answers.

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This one will be gone by the end of the morning. haha

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Nah. The only ones I unfollow are the game threads after they’ve officially switched over to the new version, or threads that become chronic spam-bait.

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Only if i’ve owned a daft cunt with a withering put down & nowt more needs to be said
I then giggle til hiccups come at the thought of their pointless, weak & unread response
Yes that’s right, being this immature takes serious dedication :D

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I’m not even sure what the follow thread thing is. I’m assuming it relates to Activity for You but I never check that. I’m not even sure what it actually does.

I just remember that back in the day mine got up to around 10K and opening it would crash Firefox so I just learned to never click it.

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If you “unfollow” a thread you won’t get updates when new answers come around. If you click “follow thread” you’ll get updates if you haven’t answered at all.

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I’ve done something similar to what ucme has done, @Earthbound. I didn’t leave an insult, but I did leave what I assumed would be an unpopular opinion and then left the question. I wasn’t in the mood to read feedback.

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@jonsblond Ah, the mic drop… I guess I have done that once or twice, too. Knowing me, I`d probably also announce I was unfollowing on the way out.

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I just did it again. It’s kind of fun. :)

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