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Does anybody know of a free microsoft word like program for the mac?

Asked by pplufthesun (607points) July 31st, 2008

Does anybody know of a free microsoft word like program for the mac? I need to make a paper with pictures on it and text, does anybody know of a free program that could help me do this?

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NeoOffice is great. OpenOffice ported for Mac.

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You could use Google Documents. Its free, and online.

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Google Documents is free, online, collaborative.

Buzzword is Adobe’s version as well. Free online collaborative. is another site offering a free online text editor too.

I never tried NeoOffice. Thanks for that suggestion @lefteh.

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Bean is a free lightweight WP that also does pics.

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Do you need this software for the long-term? Apple’s iWork 08 is available as a fully-functional 30 day trial, and – like most apple stuff – is very easy/intuitive to use. If you only need this software for a one-off job, you could have your work done well within the free trial period ;)

You can get it at

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Try open office, you can find it at I think it’ll require you to install X11 as well.

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