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Do you miss the winter?

Asked by Lemley (285points) August 8th, 2016

I know, it’s pretty obvious, “Nobody ever misses the winter, duh.” (or at least that’s what I’m getting). But (to me) it’s this miserable part of the summer when all the fun is over, and I miss, oh how I miss my beloved cold weather! Of course it’s like 40°C outside, yay. How amazing. I actually was tempted to try on my clothes from last year, but only managed to sweat just by looking at all those jeans and sweaters and jackets. (I’ve always loved fall/winter clothing much more than summery stuff)
I could ramble on forever. Or until it gets a bit colder outside.

Do you miss the winter yet? (assuming it’s summer where you are)

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I am really enjoying the summer, but I love the winter, too. So I don’t miss it, I know it’s coming again.

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I would be happy with a good long autumn.

Where I live it has been 90–95F (or almost 36C) for a month or more. It gets tiresome.

I would be happy with a cool spell.

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I just getting used to spring. I’m a few months behind.

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No. Winter brings more responsibility since it coincide with my finals. For someone who has to study all year round, summer is the only time when I truly escape anything. I’m not good with coping with the cold too. Maybe the only good thing from winter is the chance to try on new clothes.

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Summer never really happened here. July and August are normally in the mid 90ºs but we have only hit that a few times. This week is going to be in the mid 70ºs.

But I don’t mind the winter. It only snows a few days a year here and I like the rain.

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The Winter is when this particular town has consistently good weather. It used to be the season for rain, but the drought just meant nearly endless days of blue skies and 65–70 degree weather. The Summer is when the fog comes in and you would think someone would have told the tourists, but they walk around in droves skimpily dressed and freezing their asses off. It’s the heat from the interior some 40 or 50 miles from here that sucks the cold air from the ocean into the town. It’s currently 65 degrees and sunny. 50 miles in, it’s 95 and miserable.

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At some point I hope to move to Arizona. So, no.

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I don’t think about it anymore. I do my winters vicariously through other Flutherites. I’d like a moment of deep, white snow with clear, calm weather now and then, and without all the slush, sleet, ice storms and endless overcast skies. Ten winters in Sweden were enough winter for me. I like the explosion of color that comes with a Northern California mountain spring. I miss that even more.

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@stanleybmanly Someone go tell the tourists!

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Fuuuu___ no. I Enjoy long days, sun and warm weather. Winter here is cold, grey and we don’t even get snow. We may get a couple of inches that last for a few days every couple of years or so.
@ibstubro I love az, have family there in phoenix. A couple of years or so ago my sister and I climbed camelback mtn in near 100 degree heat. Loved it.

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No, no and in case there is still doubt. HELL NO!

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I detest the summer, so yeah, I miss the winter. Autumn even more.

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I’m with @cookieman. My favorite month is October, my birthday month. Favorite seasons are fall and winter. Summer… yuck.

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I hate all four seasons. I don’t mix well with discomfort.

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Yes. I’m a winter lover and I’m getting tired of boob sweat.

My favorite months are the ber months.

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^^ Freaking Scorpios, I bet

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I like winter, but I love autumn. If it could be autumn-like weather year-round, I’d be deliriously happy. Never above 20 C, occasionally dipping down to 0 C, mostly bright and sunny but with sufficient rain. That would be bliss. I really hate sweating.

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I’ve seen snow once since childhood. Winter doesn’t happen where I live.

Yes, I miss it.

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@jonsblond The ber months! Exactly! (and then it’s closer and closer to spring, you know the snow won’t last forever)

@BellaB Without the bright and sunny part. And make it Halloween more often!

@Seek “Winter doesn’t happen where I live.” You just reminded me of every single winter I spent with my grandmother as a child. Whenever it snowed, I was sick, dammit. I remember her bringing me snow form the balcony (in a small tray) and then building the tiniest snowman ever. Every time! Back then it snowed every year, it even lasted a couple days sometimes. Now, nothing. Mediocre cold with a couple hours of snowing every three years or so. Except for the northern regions, there I think it does snow. Ah.

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No snow here. I happened to be in Kentucky for Thanksgiving one year and it snowed then.

I live in Florida. We didn’t even have an overnight frost last year.

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@Pachy: I’m an October baby too. My daughter too.

@Espiritus_Corvus: Why yes, I am a Scorpio.

@jonsblond: ber months are the best.

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I don’t miss the winter, it is already damp and in the low 50s when I walk to work in San Francisco right now.

“The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.”said by someone other than Mark Twain, although he gets the credit.

But really, it isnice and comfy warm in the late afternoon/ early evening, and light enough to go for a walk or a run late in the day, or go see the sunset after dinner.

I like the weather of winter; I just don’t like the darkness.

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“I like the weather of winter; I just don’t like the darkness.”
Didn’t Twain say that, @zenvelo?

~J/K. Very poetic.~

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@Espiritus I’m a winter baby. Born just a few days after New Year.

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I adore winter. It’s so calming to watch snow falling and feeling cold air on your face is so cool.

I tend to hate summer because of the heat and sweating. In winter I’m much, much more satisfied.

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@Sneki95 My thoughts exaaactly!

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