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Is Trump The AntiChrist?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (19398points) August 8th, 2016

Well is he?

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He’s as close to it as I ever want to see. What a freaking maniac. It appears it might finally be catching up to him, thank goodness. The Republicans are jumping like rats off a ship. They deserve whatever they get. Trump is nothing more than a predictable manifestation of decades of malicious Republican venom shotgunned indiscriminately out into our society. What the hell did they expect?

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No he is an anarchist.

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He’s not an anarchist. He’s an egomaniacal psychopath. He doesn’t want any form of anarchy. He would love to be elected King.

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You give him waaay too much credit, IMO. The anti-Christ would sound a lot more like Ted Cruz. Able to shellac his vile, hateful, message and make it sound like the the most reasonable thing ever spoken.
He’s likely be purdy like Marco Rubio.

You know what, @SQUEEKY2? I think you likely just offended the anti-Christ!!
Be afraid.
Be very afraid.
Donald Trump’s not fit to kiss the anti-Christ’s bunion.

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@Yetanotheruser He wants to rule himself and be independant That’s deeply what an anarchist is. On a lighter note I was just using wordplay for fun. Anti-christ anarchist. @ibstubro maybe he could be another part of the unholy trinity. Like the false profit?

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@RedDeerGuy1 Calls Trump the anarchist.

How is that remotely possible considering he claims to be willing to properly secure our borders??

His proposed methods aside (I personally am not a fan) doesn’t that sound like order to you?

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who says the antichrist is male.

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@SecondHandStoke He isn’t the first politician to lie to get elected. I’m curious what would happen if Trump wins.

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^ As this is a given it doesn’t address my point.

Besides, I did say “claims.”


Hillary cannot be the Antichrist as, at least according to the Bible, the Antichrist will have personal appeal.

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He can be a jerk and an idiot without getting into a religious discussion.
He’s an incompetent, narcissistic idiot. Comparing him to Christ, even in an opposite way, is rather silly.

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@SecondHandStoke Of course she is not. I am.

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^ (Waits by for Loli to differ).

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No. Just a megalomaniac.

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No. There is nothing inherently evil about Trump. He’s just an arrogant blustering ignoramus who misses no opportunity when it comes to convincing demonstrations of those facts.

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No. Sid Vicious was an antichrist – see the video in the link to see a clear demonstration of how much more coherent Sid was, compared to Trump . BTW yes I would vote Sid over Trump or Clinton. Even Sid’s corpse, but it’s having trouble getting on the ballot in my state, sadly, and their are issues with his citizenship, but I think the issues with Trump and Clinton are far greater.

Trump is just a bored rich dude who’s kick is having fun being a TV personality and trolling everyone. It’s astounding how utterly stupid too much of our country is, that he’s succeeding. That he’s demonstrating that stupidity is a good thing, though.

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You mean johnny rotten is an anti-christ.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me Oh, yes, you’re right. That is what I meant. Even better, as Rotten is still alive, but someone may notice he’s not American.

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If he becomes prez I will laugh my foreskin clean off

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Any tips on how I can become “very financially secure” by being an ignoramus too?

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^^It must be genuine. You don’t qualify.

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And you have to inherit it to start.

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