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Bringing more than one US appliance to UK: multiple adapters, or one adapter and a power strip?

Asked by lrk (757points) July 31st, 2008

I plan to bring multiple appliances from the US to the UK (4 month trip). Is my best bet to bring multiple plug adapters, or one plug adapter and then a power strip? (Are power strips compatible with simple adapters-which-aren’t-converters?)

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Multiple adapters sounds safer.

Realistically how many devices are you going to need to use simultaneously? It may be that you don’t actually need an adapter for each device you are going to bring.

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Multiple adapters would most likey be safer plus if you want to move an appliance/whatever to a different place away from the adapter then you can, more freedom that way, you can also buy a power strip over here in which you plug the adapters into if needs be.

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I found myself in the same bubble, coming back to the US from Japan. Stick to multiple ones, and do consider that u r not going to be using every single item all at once.

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Bear in mind the fact that it’s not just a case of us having funny-shaped sockets here in the UK… our mains power system runs at twice the voltage of the US system (220–240v in the UK, 100–120v in the US ). Some devices – particularly recent ones with an external power brick – have been made to cope with either of these voltage ranges… but many can’t. Be very careful about plugging anything into the UK mains until you’ve ensured it’ll run at 220v (power strips included!) – or the internals might, quite literally, go up in smoke…

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@Shep says, both the voltage and wattage of the appliances may dictate the use of any device to be plugged into the 220V. system.

Check the wattage carefully. The higher wattage appliances require an adapter which will surprise you with it’s size.

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@Shep, @mac316: If the device says on it that it accepts 100–240V, that should mean it’s good for just a plug adapter and not a voltage converter, right?

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You can by transfer sockets in store.

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@Irk – That’s right… a device labelled 100–240V has been built to operate globally, and should just need a socket adapter; no need for a voltage converter on those.

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