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Without researching, do you know where the "Jim Crow" in "Jim Crow laws" comes from?

Asked by ibstubro (18765points) August 10th, 2016

I’m asking for a “Yes” or “No” response. Not a spoiler. A link would be cool if someone wants to open it, but the question is intended as a survey.

I’m sort of a history buff, but I find that I do not know who or what “Jim Crow” is or was. I simply want to know if I’m in the minority. Was I sick that day in history class?

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There was a character in Disney’s Dumbo called Jim Crow. It is said it was a very racist depiction of black people.

Maybe that’s it.

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@Sneki95 It was in common parlance much before Disney.

I think it arose in the Reconstruction period but I don’t know who he was. I have a suspicion but not a conclusion.

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Sadly, I don’t remember. But I was definitely aware of the event in history when I was like 10 years old.

Lots of life since then. It’s interesting that learned knowledge doesn’t always stick long term. They say ‘if you don’t use it,you lose it.’ In my case ,that’s mostly true. I wouldn’t pass a test on Carpet Baggers today either.

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The prize goes to @stanleybmanly for both knowing, and reading the Details to the question.

I checked Dumbo out, @Sneki95. Thanks.
I’m shocked that you don’t know, @janbb, in all honestly.
I think I could do fair on Carpet Baggers, @MrGrimm888. I don’t believe I was ever informed as to who or what Jim Crow is or was.

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I live in South Carolina. They tried to make black history a big thing in schools here(that’s a good thing ). So we learned a lot of things about the slave’s culture, and the civil rights movements. But my mind has lost some details for whatever reason.

I was in a play about Rosa Parks once. As a child.

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Yes/No. I can’t tell you in detail, just vaguely.

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I did read the details before.

Now -do you want a Google link or not?

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He said you can @Penngy.

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no, I know what it refers to but not aware of where or why it originated

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do now however, thanks @ibstubro

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No, I have no idea.

I would guess Jim Crow was a character in a book or a play or a political cartoon.

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I thought he was from “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”. He was, but that isn’t where it started.

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I do now, <<<Won’t take me to the character creation. :( Anyway there is a link to it in my link .

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I have only a vague idea. (Hurries off to Google)

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Found it. I wasn’t too far out.

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This was not taught in any school I ever attended.
I’m surprised how few of us knew Jim Crow without researching.
GA’s all around – nobody spoiled.

Thanks for the link, @Dutchess_III. I followed it to it’s natural conclusion.

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@ibstubro Yeah, I didn’t learn this until college (in a music history class). It was never taught in any American history class I took, which really does seem strange now that you point it out.

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YES! Every American should!

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Kind of on subject.

Where I went to middle school, we had usually 2 water fountains close by ,and lots of bathrooms. One day I learned that it was because the school was segregated at one point. There were water fountains for whites, and different ones for blacks. When I 1st heard it,I didn’t believe it. Growing up integrated, I didn’t understand segregation. It took me a while to figure out how truely fucked up the south was.

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Very odd, @SavoirFaire that “Jim Crow should be so every-day to Americans and so unknown. I usually have more of an inquiring mind – I can’t believe it took me this long to wonder.

Agreed, @cazzie.

Worse yet, @MrGrimm888, I remember when I realized that the local “Douglass Community Center” was the former ”Douglass School”. The school the black kids went to. Missouri being a confederate state, “desegregation” meant that the black kids were transferred to the school that had been built for the white trash kids.

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Can’t change the past. Pathetic though it was.

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@MrGrimm888 Can’t change the past, sure, but your country sure does want to repeat it.

Pathetic is as pathetic does.

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Yes @cazzie. I wish you would refer to it as USA or something, rather than ‘my’ country. I’m not ‘proud to be an American. ’

The link you posted though isn’t really about race subjugation. It’s about politics. If black people voted republican most of the time, they would be singing a different tune.
The Republicans have also attempted to redo the voting zones in Florida to make it more likely to be a red state.

They’re too busy trying to cheat the election process because people of color don’t vote republican enough . If they really cared,they would offer plans to help people of color. Then they would vote republican. But they’d rather do it the dirty way.

Pathetic indeed.

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It ISN*T about race subjugation? Really? And for the record, it is actually MY country, too. and it IS about race. And it shows the true colours of the Republican Party.

That reminds me of that line in a Woody Allen film, ‘If a man gives me money after we have sex, does that make me a prostitute?’ He answers, ‘Only in the dictionary sense of the word.’

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@cazzie. Not the article /link you gave, no. Like I said, if Republicans thought black people would vote republican they would bus them there themselves. The Republican party is a party that I believe is ‘pro white,’ but they care more about actually holding office than oppression of people of color. You seem to imply they would rather the party slowly disolve, or be lost to history, rather than let black people vote. IMO , the link you provided was motivated by political gain,not in an attempt to oppress black people, just to oppress them.

Uugh….I feel dirty ‘sticking up’ for Republicans.

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_ if Republicans thought black people would vote republican they would bus them there themselves._

They couldn’t get the black vote without alienating their core white vote of seething racists.

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