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Can anyone explain why animal activist protest Hillary Clintons rallies and not Trumps?

Asked by Pandora (29243points) August 10th, 2016

Again today, an another incident with Animal activists rush the stage towards Clinton, yet there are pictures of Trumps kids killing large game animals for sport.

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Maybe because it goes without saying that Trump doesn’t care about animals, but Clinton might be fooling people into thinking she cares, and/or not care in a way that makes her willing to change position for political points, and/or it’s a media stunt of one sort or another.

That’s just a guess. One might be able to get an actual answer from the group in question by emailing them.

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Maybe because they know they are much less likely to be brutalised or killed by Hillary Supporters.

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Clinton can be swayed and influenced toward pro-animal-rights positions. Trump, on the other hand… Why waste valuable resources when they can put to good and worthwhile use?

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@Love_my_doggie Nothing says, please listen to me because I’m upset, than rushing a Presidential candidate. If anything it gets you put on a watch list or possibly thrown in jail.
If it were me, (and I believe in animal rights), it would be put at the back burner. Why? Not to get even, but rather to show them that violent behavior will not be rewarded.

Well, unless they took their protest to Trump rallies. Then I would consider listening to them.
I wouldn’t be surprised it they were right to life people posing as Animal activists or Trump people, looking for an opportunity to maybe harm her and lay the blame with some group.

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Considering Trump wears a poached red panda on his head, well..go figure. haha

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They can’t even get close to a Trump rally. They would be physically “protected” to stay away from those attending.

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The primary reason is there would be no point, followed by a sensible fear of death or mutilation

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@Pandora: “Again today, an another incident with Animal activists rush the stage towards Clinton, yet there are pictures of Trumps kids killing large game animals for sport.”

The whole Clinton campaign has been “but Trump is worse”. That’s not how change happens, that’s not motivating those who are moved to political activism, and it makes very little sense. Trump is not relevant to this. If someone wants to bring attention to a cause, what possible connection is there to Trump?

So, you can replace animal activism with economic justice or black lives matter or environmental action – asserting that Trump is worse is like saying you own a goat with one eye. It’s not relevant. At all.

So, the question to ask (and to investigate) is likely, “What did the animal activist attempt to say, is it legitimate, and is there anything to be done?”

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@jiffysquid They make sense when they protests at labs that test or kill animals. They wouldn’t go around protesting at people’s private homes. Even if some of them wore fur.
My point is, she doesn’t have the win yet. So why interrupt the process of getting her elected.
If someone was running a physical race and you wanted them to win, would you trip them up to hand them a notice first? No. You wait till they win and then make your voice heard.
You may unwittingly help the other person win and that person won’t care to listen to you any time.

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Because they’d probably be killed by the other people attending the Trump rally?

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