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Single people, if someone broke into your home and killed you, how long would it take for someone to notice your absence and call the police?

Asked by elbanditoroso (28832points) August 10th, 2016

This question comes from a news story I read over the weekend; someone had shot and killed a woman in the \ middle of last week, but no one noticed it until the weekend.

How long would it take for someone to notice your demise?

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My brother calls me on Saturday and Sunday mornings. So he might not think anything of it if he didn’t reach me on Saturday, but if he didn’t by Sunday, he would be on his way over. He has the combination to get in my garage, so no one would have to break a door down.
I’ve always wondered this about single people also.

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I have employees who would notice within a few days.

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No idea – but probably about two or three days.

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You don’t want to hear some of the things my friend the apartment maintenance man has seen after entering the home of someone who hadn’t paid rent for three months.

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Two years ago someone did get murdered a few doors away. But he had a room-mate and the cops were all over it fast.

As for me, I’m retired and live alone, and my neighbors are quite unfriendly. I might not get found for a while.

I think I worry more about my cat not getting fed than me being found.

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My mom and I call each other every hour Any more and we start to worry. My outreach worker freaks out if I leave my phone off for more than a day.

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I lived alone on a secluded 5 acre property for years until the last several. At that time I could have gone undiscovered for a few weeks, easily. My neighbors and daughter and friends wouldn’t be alarmed if they didn’t hear from me for a week or two. Now, I would, most likely be discovered within a day or two tops as I am living on a property with several others people.

I used to joke about going belly up in my hot tub. That would be a gruesome discovery after a week or so. Bloated in the bubbles. haha Gah!

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@Pachy and other people who don’t have someone checking in, do they have any services where people phone you on a daily basis to make sure you’re okay? We have voluntary services that do this. Someone calls older people who live alone and don’t have family or friends checking on them. If nobody answers at a pre-arranged time, they alert the authorities. I’ve thought of volunteering myself, but I can’t guarantee I have the time every day at a particular time yet. I do think it’s a valuable service though. For some older people it’s one of the very few times they interact with other humans.

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^^I think that’s a good idea and these servicess do exist in the US on a local basis, but I think I would find it a bit bothersome at this time in my life. I also live near a community that knows when someone is sick and care when they die. I don’t know how they know it, but they do.

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Does anyone know if the post office has a protocol for investigating houses with uncollected mail?
That would be a potential indicator.

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I have a feeling that the dogs would get loud after a few days, causing the neighbors to check up. Maybe sooner if I didn’t show any Facebook activity, as my kids would notice.

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Or your dogs would start noshing on your dead body if they got hungry. nom nom

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I like @Coloma‘s answer. She’d be lightly poached after a while, like being in a sous vide machine.

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@chyna, well, I am pretty well marbled and nicely seasoned… ;-)

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My truck in the driveway? 4 days. No truck? A week at least.

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I live with my 11 year old son. If he was at his dad’s that weekend my body would be discovered by my ex when he dropped my kid off or if he didn’t bother to come in and try to talk to me, my kid would when he got in after a maximum of two nights. I also have very engaged neighbours who come to chat and borrow things or ask me to dog sit. My boyfriend lives half a world away and while he would wonder why I wasn’t replying to his mrssages or calls he has no way of stopping by and checking on me. If I managed to scream and make lots of noise my neighbours would be at my door out of concern.

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@Seek Haha, yes, finely marinated with a half bottle or more of Pino Noir, orange plastic Tiki God wine glass still in hand. lol
I wonder if a roving mountian lion might have pulled me from the tub and had a feast or if the Turkey Vultures would have perched spa side picking at my bubbling carcass. haha

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Hard to say. I don’t live near home, though I speak with friends and family virtually all day, so I’d imagine there may be some concern if they notice I’ve been “idle” for an extended period of time (15+ hrs). Also, since I live in an apartment complex and basically my entire outside wall is glass, my neighbors might find me pretty quickly. Some variation depending on circumstance, I suppose, but I actually don’t think it’d be too long. which is reassuring to me, because this is often a fleeting thought and I worry what will become of my rabbit if I’m left too long.

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Does anyone else worry, that they will die in bed, naked? lol
I guess I should start wearing some PJ’s to bed, but nah….if I’m dead I can’t be embarrassed only bare-assed. lol

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@Coloma – if I am dead, I can’t be embarrassed.

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@elbanditoroso Didn’t I say that? lol

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