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What is the best thing that ever happened to you for being nice?

Asked by PoliteGirl (7points) August 11th, 2016

People love to complain over good deeds backfiring, or to say that being nice doesn’t pay. I know that doing nice things makes the world a better place, and makes nice people have better lives. What is something great that happened to you because you were nice?

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I don’t have to make two accounts and waste my energy on someone who clearly doesn’t care for what I say.

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The wife & subsequent kids, all kinds of winnage

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My answer is NSFW.

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I achieved a feeling of inner peace in which I liked myself and knew that very little else mattered.

Of course, that was back when I was nice, some ten years ago. Somehow was way more enlightened as a 14 year old than I am now.

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I’ve run a development business, for 7 years now, on recommendations and referrals. It’s like an education and a living all in one. I’d like to think being nice is a big part of that.

Thanks for the reminder.

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@politegirl has left the building.

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@chyna or more precisely, banned. PM me if you want to know what happened.

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I will PM.

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If she was banned what is the question doing here?

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Banned user’s questions don’t automatically go away, and this question was perfectly fine so we didn’t mod it off.

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Feeling of accomplishment and personal reward.

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