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What's your record lurve for one question?

Asked by aaronou (735points) August 1st, 2008

Ok, I know a lot of us would like to say we don’t care about lurve. We are only here for good discussion. But, come on, who doesn’t get excited when someone gives them a liitle lurve (kinda like giving a little love right?). I mean, if we were all in high school, I think Marina would be like, what, the captain of the cheerleading squad, she’s got so many points! And johnpowell would be like star quaterback of the football team. He’s a lurve machine! Some of you must have calculated this out at some point. I have seen some might lengthy forums where it seems that people are putting responses back and forth and racking up the lurve. So let’s hear your all-time highs on lurve for one discussion.

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As sweet as this question is, I doubt anyone has kept track.

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Actually >_> I kept track of the question I got the most lurve for just because it was nice to know I had given information that was of decent quality, as seen by a number of people! For those with thousands upon thousands of lurve maybe it’s not such a big thing, but doesn’t it make you feel a little happier when a lot of people GA your answer? I know I like it when people do :)

I got 18 GA’s in this one: which isn’t something I would forget at in a snap, just because it made me happy to know that I provided a decent contribution to the community.

It’s not a case of boosting my ego, I’ll never reach the likes of Marina and JP but it’s nice to know I’m doing my part, isn’t it the same for everyone?

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This question is for Marina all the way! Her answers are so throuough – I always give her lurve when she answers my q’s!

@skyrail- totally agree! ;-)

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Since you can’t sort your lurve by title or thread, it’s far too awkward to try to figure out! I know I was really proud recently when I saw one of my answers hit 2-digit GA’s…....but I can’t remember which one it was. Probably some silly one-liner!

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I really don’t know either. I certainly don’t think I have reached Skyrail’s 18 GAs ever! Congratulations! I have noticed when there are 9 or 10 sometimes.

It’s really part of the mystery of Fluther what constitutes a GA. If I write what I consider a good answer, I am happy if it receives lurve, of course. I actually notice more if I provide what I think was a particularly well-thought out, well-written answer and it falls to the floor of the Fluther world with nary a sound. Especially when it does not get any response even from the questioner. Was the answer just not that great? Was it a thread a lot of people are not following? Who knows. Not I.

I would be surprised, though, if the admins and owners of the site did not know this. One, they are tech guys. Tech guys love stats. Two, it would be part of the history and lore of Fluther (useful for press interviews, etc.) Which question received the most answers? What answer received the most points? I would be interested in knowing. (Skyrail, I imagine you are a contender.)

Good question.

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It’s always interesting to me how there seems to be an inverse relationship between how much effort I put into an answer and how many GA’s it gets.

I’ve posted answers that are the product of an hour (or more) of careful thought and composition. When I really feel like I’ve put a piece of my best out there, I can be pretty sure that it’ll never draw more than a couple of GA’s. By the same token, some of my casual little shoot-from-the-hip answers get a response way out of proportion to the effort involved.

So, in the end, the stuff that’s netted me lots of lurve isn’t usually the stuff I feel best about. Oh well, c’est la Flutter.

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Gilal got 19 lurve on a single answer a while ago. Where’d he go?

I’d find the question if I could, but maybe Ben, Andrew and Erik will have an easier time.

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I remember getting 23 lurve on a question that had most answers removed. Someone asked a question about the title of some porno (there’s no problem with that) and some annoying users were trying to say the asked was a freak or shouldn’t be here. I defended the asked and earned a lot of lurve for my great arguements.

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@Harp You feel my pain, or I feel your pain. You expressed better what I was trying to say.

@shrubbery Great find! Is that the winner?

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what’s lurve? Newbie

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See this link: that explains it all stratman :)

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@stratman – in your case, “32” is your lurve score right now.

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The most i think ive gotten so far is 15 for this

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I don’t know. I don’t get much lurve. I think I have hit “3” haha! I’ve only been on Fluther for a few weeks, though.

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