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What's the point of a California jury sentencing the Grim Sleeper to death when California hasn't executed anyone in 10 years?

Asked by elbanditoroso (28883points) August 11th, 2016

This guy is a convicted killer, not a good human being.


What’s the point of sentencing him to death, when that will likely never happen? California hasn’t executed anyone in 10 years; the state death penalty law is likely to be changed by the legislature, and possibly nationally by the Supreme court.

What’s the point of this sentence? Why not do 10 sequential life sentences with parole in 140 years?

Is a death penalty sentence just a charade?

[Note: I am not asking your feelings about the death penalty or capital punishment in general. That’s another discussion. I am asking about the folly of an unrealistic sentence.]

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Waste of time and money to put him on Death Row. I say that as a California citizen.

Life without Parole is a legal alternative in California. Should just go there without all the extra hoopla around the death penalty process.

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Yep, CA. citizen here too and I agree with what @zenvelo says. However, there is also a part of me that says bring ‘em out to the ranch here and we’ll tie him between the mule team and have a go at limb splitting. I think death by Jackass would be quite fitting indeed.

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Of course “life” makes more sense, but the dealth penalty remains the harshest possible condemnation under the law.

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It is to counter out timed served for good behavior or quick parole.

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It puts the convicted on death row, a section of the prison where the convicted is locked up in his or her own private cell to wait. Like solitary confinement.

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Like @stanleybmanly says, the death penalty is “the harshest possible condemnation under the law”, and laws change.

A Trump presidency could give a new meaning to “state death penalty law is likely to be changed by the legislature, and possibly nationally by the Supreme court.” 8 years and he could change the entire face of the nation based on his Supreme Court appointments alone.

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