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What is the most favorite part of your house?

Asked by Dutchess_III (42452points) August 11th, 2016

You can list more than one.

One of my favorites is walking into my living room, from the kitchen, and seeing a jungle filling up the window. On hot days, like today, it just makes me feel cooler looking at it.

My second favorite is my dining room / computer room / woman cave. This room is mine. I decide what goes in and what doesn’t.

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The refrigerator. Sometimes the other kitchen appliances, including the stove top and oven, microwave and toaster. Then there’s the bathroom, indoor plumbing of all kinds, and a bed with a way to select the firmness of the mattress.

EDIT: Right now, the recliner love seat in the living room is handy, as well as the fan-on-a-stand with remote control.

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You forgot to mention the TV, and how BIG it is @CWOTUS! :D

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My favourite room is my bedroom/study which has my computer, a window with a view and an HD television set (27 inch if you must know, you women are obsessed with size lol).

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My back yard hot tub.
No wait… My big screen TV room.
No wait… My bedroom.
No wait… My nap room.

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If I had to pick one, it would be the roof.

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The television isn’t such a big deal. I like it, and all, but it doesn’t hold a candle to the things I mentioned. In fact, I’m inclined to put indoor plumbing at the top of the list. (Live without running water for a week and tell me how that goes for ya. And that’s before we even get to flush toilets and all of the other drain piping in the house.)

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I live in a shithole in my mom’s backyard. 90% of my bathrooming is done in a gatorade bottle. At least Dobbs doesn’t give a fuck.

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I love my living room. It’s the least cluttered of my rooms, and it always feels comfortable.

If I can choose something else, that’s the bathtub.

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I say it all the time – my favorite place in the world is my deck. I love to lay there under the umbrella with a glass of water and a book or magazine and my computer. Usually the computer takes up all of my time but I may bring the book or magazine just in case.

I will prop open the screen door so the cats can come and go as they please and frolic in the yard and step inside if something outside scares them.

If the weather is nice, I can lay on the deck for the majority of the day until it gets dark.

My second favorite place in the house is my bed. The only cable-connected TV is in my room so if I want to watch TV or just lay and play on the computer, the bed is the spot. The other thing I say all the time is that no matter where I go, no matter how glamorous the hotel or how great a vacation spot, there’s no place like your own bed.

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My bedroom, the ensuite and the rumpus room – equally. I like most of our house though. It’s all my favourite place to be.

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The back yard, it’s like being in a private park. It stays relatively cool even on some of the hottest days too. The whole house has it’s good spots though.

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I like my music room. I have an old Korg synthesizer hooked up to an old Gateway tower (with memory upgrades) for digital recording.

Then I have my real instruments: Accordion (3), guitars (12— and 6-string acoustics) bass, banjo, upright piano, violin, cello, several flutes (classical and wooden) and bookshelves with music books, books about music history and theory, LP’s, older 45’s and 78’s, and my turntable, with Bose speakers.

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I like our yards too, @ARE_you_kidding_me. I just sit on the various decks and watch the wildlife do their thing. Lots of trees, which is good, except not tonight. Guess we’re going to have to sit in the driveway to watch the meteor shower.

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These are great answers you guys!

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The top most floor where we hang clothes to dry. It is a wide open place filled with fresh sea air and beautiful scenery (especially in the afternoon. And since our house is one of the highest in a the town).

The other place I love is obviously my bedroom, the only place that allows complete privacy for me at all time and full authority to tailor the room the way I like it without having to compromise with others. My bedroom has minimalistic style with white ceramic wall and floor.

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I was about to say my bedroom, but this place I just moved into has an awesome deck. There are millions of plants, a table and chairs, a sofa, a hammock, and killer views of the city.

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Oh! My poky stop. For Pokémon unlimited pokyballs . From my couch.

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Now that I have help I’ll be moving my desk/office down into the living area. I have lived in the bedroom or over a year. I finally got the house renovated but have had two surgeries. I can get the last splint off in two weeks…......woo hoo!! So I’ve bought fur iture ad now its time to get organized and start using all of these sq. ft.

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I like that bean bag just below the wifi modem ;-D

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The staff naughty step, I had a mirror placed on the wall adjacent to their seat of shame so they could reflect on the error of their ways

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It’s almost always my family room in all of my houses.

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Ooh I’ll take more pics when I get home but we’re lucky enough to have a sunroom at the back of our apartment, which gets the morning sun. This room is sooo relaxing. It has my beloved aquarium, 6 windows each with a houseplant on the sill, a little breakfast table with my succulent terrarium for a centerpiece, a smattering of bird art on one wall, and a bird I embroidered on another wall. It has its own baseboard heater, so in the winter time it is cozy as shit to watch the snow come down out the windows while being nice and toasty inside. It is also on the opposite end of the house from the wifi router so I can’t always get internet back there, so it’s my place to be disconnected and present.

I took this panorama last winter but a lot has changed in there since then.

We’re paying out the ass for this apartment since it’s goddamn Boston, but at least we have a nice place for our money.

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That looks super cozy @Mariah! I love it!

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I like your bird art. Now, everytime I see bird art I’m going to think of you!

This is something I picked up a long time ago. Probably at auction. It had a sticker on the back saying it won 1st prize at the fair in 1962. It’s sand, I think. It’s cool.

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My room and living room.

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The balcony. The views are fantastic.

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My study. This is where my many old friends are, my books. My desk is there in the light of the window, my easel, my worktable, my laptops and screens and my connection to the whole wide world.

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