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Should I buy a 'gaming' PC or build one?

Asked by RZ71 (61points) August 13th, 2016

A good handful of us know buying a gaming PC would mean spending quite some money if we want a good experience at the very least. It’s kind of that situation where you hope your money is well spent.
Now, I remember years ago I bought components like a graphic card, a fairly good fan, and other crap with my brother in law and we built our own tower. The end result was actually pretty darn nice. It ran smooth and since our objective was a gaming setup, that’s what we got. I encountered a few problems some time after, but nothing too drastic (overheating and things of that sort).
If I remember right, we didn’t spend too much money on the items we needed to put it together. So my question is, would it be better buying a gaming PC or simply building one if you know what you’re doing. I’m guessing building one would be cheaper.

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Absolutely build one if that interests you. You’ll save some money and get a machine that’s easy to repair and upgrade.

Here’s a link comparing the current choices in components.

The Tech Report System Guide: August 2016 edition

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@Call_Me_Jay Thank you for your response. I will check that information out now. I appreciate it.
I think chances are I may end up building one. As you mentioned above, it’s easier to fix/repair something you know inside and out.

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Always build it yourself.
It is cheaper, because the salary for the poor sod that assembles the box at Dell and Co. falls away, and you can take advantage of sales and using cheaper components where a more expensive option would be pointless, and you have full control over what goes into your machine.

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If you have the tech savvy, build it yourself. It’s much more personally satisfying, and if you need to replace parts or upgrade, you know exactly how to do it.

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Build it! I got advice from this site on building my own a few months back, and I’m pleased as punch with my new desktop. It was a fraction of the price a comparable off the shelf version would have been.

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I would go with building. One problem if you go with something like Dell or HP is that they often use custom parts. So if you want to swap out something later there can be problems. If you just buy boxes of parts from Newegg it should be more future-proof. I just built a computer for a member here and from opening the boxes it was booting to BIOS in around a hour. It isn’t hard. Installing Windows and sorting out the drivers is the big time killer but still really easy.

And if something goes wrong you can find a person on Craigslist that will help you out for twenty bucks.

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^ he built mine.

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Build, build build!!!!

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@Seek :: Is the green machine still working?

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and how!

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@johnpowell If you just buy boxes of parts from Newegg

Newegg is the bomb. I am lucky to have a Microcenter store near me, and that’s also the bomb. Frys, too, when I lived in LA.

But if you’re buying over the Internet, Newegg is the best.

Except for cables. For cables you go to Monoprice. TV cables, computer cables, headphones – go to Monoprice.

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