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Do you ever let someone be wrong because it isn't worth the fight to prove it?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (23236points) August 13th, 2016

No details needed.

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Yes. It’s impossible to reason with someone who isn’t being rational. If a person’s too passionate and vehement to accept facts or listen to another version of a story, there’s no point in trying.

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Sometimes on Fluther and sometimes in real life but not as much.

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10 minutes ago with my mother. She will never accept she is wrong. And I live at her house and don’t pay rent so best to just STFU and go back to the backyard and get drunk.

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I just posted something on fb about wanting peace in my life and that involves no arguments.

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Yes. Some people just cannot accept the fact that someone else just might be right.

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Yes, say what you have to say and just let it go for the sake of peace and quiet. I often do that with certain people otherwise it would end up in murder!

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Sometimes I ask myself why I’m bothering and what difference it makes and then I let it go. Especially if I find myself feeling annoyed and especially if the other person seems very thick headed.

On Fluther there are a few Jellies I don’t seem to see eye to eye with so I say fuck it. If they want to feel victorious who really cares? Life is too short to argue with people when the outcome is negligible.

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I’m slowly learning to pick my battles.

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Much to my shock and disappointment, one of my oldest friends told me recently he plans to vote for Trump because he so dislikes Hillary. I wanted to debate him but for the sake of our friendship I chose to drop it. The subject has come up a couple of times since but only in a joking way.

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Yes, ( have to do that with my Daughter-in-law all the time. She once bragged to me that she always wins arguments. It never occurred to her that people realize right away she is completely illogical and not worth arguing with.

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Sadly, I have to do that sometimes with my parents because I can never win the argument. Dad always resorts to threats whenever he feels he’s losing, and mom will do anything to win, even if she has to twist the facts. I know they want to keep me in control and I wish they could just listen more.

And there are people who are so fixated on their opinion that they can always come up with reasons why they are right. Toxic people are definitely among the list. Once upon a time I second-guessed myself and didn’t argue with them. And now I still don’t argue with them, but not because I think they’re right, but because I can’t see any point of arguing more and need to consider whether I should continue to be around them.

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A lot; here and in real life. Sometimes it’s because I’m just lazy, sometimes because I know the person is already sold on the subject and not really open to change and other times I just don’t like the person and am happy to let them go their own way and eventually make an ass out of themselves.

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Godammit second hand stole my exact words. All the fucking time. It’s just too exhausting, especially when trying to talk to folks who are far left & liberal minded.

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when trying to talk to folks who are far left & liberal minded.
Really ?? I feel the same about far right &conservative mined.

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Quite often. People say the darndest things and I cannot be arsed spending my life arguing with fools. Unless it matters to me what that person thinks OR not responding would reflect on my reputation or correcting them is part of my role, I’ll often ignore things people say that I know to be incorrect and especially if it’s to do with politics or something like that. I seriously can’t be arsed arguing with people who don’t matter to me.

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“I feel…”

Found your problem.

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@SecondHandStoke And your problem seems to be basic English comprehension. What @SQUEEKY2 said was “I feel the same way,” which was in response to @ARE_you_kidding_me talking about how he feels (i.e., exhausted, which is a feeling). Good try, though.

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@SQUEEKY2 to be fair I feel the same way around the far right too, especially the religious right. The ages swap though. The youth on the left will not generally listen to reason and the elders on the right won’t.

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“I feel…” as apposed to “I assert, know, suspect, have investigated, analyzed, etc.

Mine is not a comprehension issue.

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Yes, most recently on Facebook. Quite a bit when it comes to people’s actions with regards to their religious beliefs.

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@SecondHandStoke You are suffering from hypercorrection. “I assert” and the like would not make sense in @SQUEEKY2‘s sentence. And even if they would make sense, saying “I feel” in this context is perfectly normal English. So yeah, RIP your pathetic attempt at a political jab.

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Not anymore. Thank goodness!

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