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I've had a worm farm for a year but no worm tea?

Asked by tan253 (2826points) August 13th, 2016

Does anyone know why?
It also smells like fish – though to be fair I think I put some fish in their tub.

What I don’t have though and what I’d like is worm tea?
I feel them fibre from juicing, oatmeal, noodles, tea and coffee, vacum dust, hair, left over food, normally veges – I was bad in feeding them fish.
But no worm pee.
I had worm pee initially but I was spraying it every now and then with a hose and the guy told me to stop doing that.
I’d like worm tea!!!
Why do I not have any?
The worms seem happy enough, none are dying, they are all red and plump looking and lots of new babies.
I do have a lot of those white little bugs crawling all over the food but not really worried about them.
Any ideas?

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If your worms are in containers, the process of extracting the concentrated liquid compost is very simple and should work for most worms. If you follow the link I’ve provided you might get some answers to your question. What process are you using?

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They are in a 2 tiered plastic container. The bottom is where the liquid goes the top is the dirt, food etc… but no juice what-so-ever.
Will look at the link you sent, thank you.

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You’re braver than I. I had a worm farm for about two weeks, and ended up with some kind of larvae all over my kitchen floor. Those worms had to go.

If you have the bin uncovered, your worm tea is likely evaporating.

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So, the tea is made from worm piss? Ewww.

Is there supposed to be some sort of benefit from it?

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It’s excellent for fertilising your garden/plants @Buttonstc. That’s why people keep worm farms. They are great producers of fertiliser and the process all your food scraps.

Personally, I prefer English Breakfast Tea, but my plants would definitely prefer a cup of finest worm tea.

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Ok. So humans don’t drink it but garden plants do. That makes a whole lot more sense :)

It was calling it “tea” that really threw me off.

Thanks for the clarification. If you look through the OQ and subsequent comments, this is the first time that was made clear. I also prefer English Breakfast Tea.

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Well either way my worms HAVE NO TEA!!!! WHY!!!!!!!!

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Perhaps you need to water them more. I’ve never had the patience to keep a worm farm going, but I think you do need to make sure the soil is hydrated. Perhaps you do need to sprinkle the farm with some water more often.

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