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What happened to the Fluther CIA thread?

Asked by FlutherBug (1103points) August 15th, 2016

Hi everyone,

I was just browsing and saw this cool CIA Fluther Thread! It asked if Fluther is a front for the CIA…......

Funny enough when you go to the page ALL OF THE RESPONSES are gone…...... Why? Is this a prank? Why would Fluther delete / hide the responses?

Just curious

I’ve always wondered about these things!

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The CIA didn’t want the answers out there for people to read.

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Are you being totally and completely serious?

Were you able to read the thread?

I’ve never seen so many responses deleted / hidden…. So strange….

I can only think and wonder what everyone was talking about :(

So is it true that the CIA is watching us on Fluther…?

Ahhh darn :(


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I wonder what the answers were? So if it got deleted…... Then that would mean “Yes” the CIA spies on us through computers??? @chyna

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I participated towards the end and read some answers before they were deleted.

I’m now in witness protection.

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I participated in some of the answers also. A couple of men wearing black suits came to my house. That’s all I can say.

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LOL Okay obviously I am being trolled now…................ Thanks guys….... lol.

It would have been cool to read the thread :(

Just weird something about the CIA on Fluther and all the words got deleted :(


@jonsblond @chyna

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Am I being trolled? I honestly don’t know if this is a joke or not? Why would the CIA or Fluther hide the questions? It looked like hundreds of answers on that thread…. Was something said that was really bad? Are you guys being serious or is it a joke? Now I’m super curious :( ?

@chyna @jonsblond

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@FlutherBug You’ll have to forgive the others. They’re just scared of the repercussions they could face if they ever told anyone what happened. In any case, it’s actually pretty straightforward. What happened was [the rest of this post has been redacted by the CIA].

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Why would Fluther DELETE or HIDE the responses and words? The point of Fluther is to ENGAGE and communicate….. I don’t understand…. What was said in that thread that was so horrible to be completely removed from Fluther?

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Why are all the answers and threads deleted? That isn’t fair. We should be able to have the option to delete or hide whatever answer. It’s not fair because the point of fluther is to discuss tops, engage, and communicate.

If Fluther jokes around why can’t the people who actually use it to have conversations DELETE THEIR things??? Not fair

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@FlutherBug Well, you see. It all started when [redacted]. But when [redacted] the [redacted], it all came down to a question of whether or not to [redacted]. And so Ben [redacted] until the [redacted]. But of course, that’s when [redacted] decided to [redacted]. And that’s how Andrew became their chief.

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I know it’s a joke, but I was actually really excited to read that thread! Or at least a thread about CIA stuff !

Kinda bummed now.

Have cool would it have been to actually read that long thread…. If it had been real lol.

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LOL LMAO at the [redacted][redacted][redacted]............. and that’s how the cookie crumbles.

LOL hilarious….. but yeah…. This made me want to watch a CIA movie now :(

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@FlutherBug There used to be some images of the pre-moderated posts floating around, but they have been—you guessed it!—redacted. (Seriously, though, they all seem to have been taken down from their various hosts, probably for being too old.) But really, the point was just to participate. It was like our own little exercise in impermanence.

If anyone has any of those old images, feel free to share them. Just don’t let the CIA find out!

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I did find a picture of the thread, but the picture was so damn tiny!!!!

I could not read any of the words!


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I too participated but, being the wacky hippie chick boomer in the woods they didn’t take me seriously. Too bad, but clearly my front worked. I have created a bio-warfare strain of geese. Able to dispatch masses with their projectile, bio-hazard infused poo. lol

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Interesting. Indeed one wonders if those CIA types don’t have any better things to do than spy on fluther…

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The Illuminati got to it 1st

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Curious and compelling

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When I click on @eambos’ picture link, my “administrator” has it blocked! I knew I worked for a front for [redacted].

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I don’t know anything about that page but I see only one person survived. I didn’t scroll through the whole thing but I assume all the answers had been moderated. Wonder what could’ve been so bad. Over a thousand answers.

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Those must have been interesting times.

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The thread just ended the way all threads must end. Those responsible were not traced and arrested and taken away at dead of night to some god awful place in Eastern Europe featuring water boards and pliers. Haha, nothing like that at all what made you even think that was possible haha. Some of those responding even have some teeth left so it can’t have been too bad not that we removed any teeth you understand. How could we because we deny everything about this facility. Not that it ever existed you understand. Haha I’m sure you do understand. If you don’t we will send Dick Cheney round to explain things to you Haha.

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If you are interested its all been uploaded to wikileaks.

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LOL omg…..... Ha…. You guys are killing me…... lol

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