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What is the order of our senses if forced to choose to lose them?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (17720points) August 15th, 2016

For me hearing and sight are important and smell and taste can be sacrificed. I’m on the border for feeling. What about you?

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If forced to I would, regrettably, choose hearing. Followed by taste/smell, then sight. The sense of touch/feeling, however, is by far the most vital.

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There is no “order” or hierarchy, it is a highly personal choice if one had to choose.

Touch is most important to me, too. Smell and taste are so intertwined, it would be hard to lose one and not the other. But I could be blind and deaf and still savor the taste of a ripe peach, juice running down my face, or the smell of a rib-eye on the grill.

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I would first ditch my sense of entitlement, then what passes for my sense of humor. Common sense seems less useful these days than I once thought. Perhaps it should go first.

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It’d be smell, taste, hearing, touch, sight for me.

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I fervently hope not to lose any of my senses, but without doubt sight tops my list. Having been blessed to be sighted all my life, I shudder to think of losing that ability.

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From least important to most I’d say: smell, taste, hearing, touch, sight, (balance – I know balance it not one of the traditional 5 senses, but without it life is totally unmanageable.)

Since my second nasal polyp surgery about 10 years ago I have a severely impaired sense of smell. I barely notice it. Surprisingly, I can still taste food.

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