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What is your idea of a perfect summer and have you done anything like it this summer, so far?

Asked by jca (36043points) August 17th, 2016

What’s your idea of a perfect summer?

Have you done any of those things yet, this summer?

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My perfect summer or summer holiday, to be exact isn’t like most of my classmates. I don’t really need to go travel anywhere or spend as much time hanging out as possible. I can stay at home and rest after a busy school year and enjoy the feeling of having no more responsibility. But the most important thing is that I get to experience and learn something new, fill my head with new knowledge school doesn’t teach. I’m always hungry for knowledge and summer is a great time for me to learn.

I’m sastified with my last summer holiday. First, I volunteered to be a full-time “teacher” for my two friends who need to sit for an exam, and at the same time wrote my book while they did their exercises. It was hard work, but it was worth it. I didn’t receive any money, but I gained respect from my friends and people living around them also respect from people who happened to see my work, and teaching experience. Second, every night I had an “entertainment program” for myself: I challenged myself to complete a movie and analyze it, with the aid of movie sites. The movies I watched were highly artistic/thought-provoking old movies. When the summer holiday ended, I found out that I could see much more things from literary work than my classmates (I have a liturature course and I found out about this after discussing a work with the classmates. It was the first time I’ve read that work too). Also my movie taste has changed drastically, and I have the tendency to analyze movies more. I didn’t know it all started with just an “entertainment program”.

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My perfect summer has always included swimming. This year I got it back big-time.

I’d never gone to our big community pool for all the years I’ve lived here. For some reason I decided to try it out this year… and it is wonderful. Outdoors under a wonderful canopy of trees. Never crowded in the swimmers’ section. It has been fantastic. I stayed in the pool for three hours on Sunday and it was sheer paradise. As a side effect, I have my first good tan in about 20 years. Not dark, just glowy and healthy-looking.

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My perfect summer is the same as every other day in my life. I wake up when I want to, I stay up as late as I want to. I watch TV, play on my computer, watch my grandkids play,eat what I want and when I want.

The only thing I don’t have is transportation to go sightseeing with the boys. The workers in the family drive to work, the car sits in the parking lot all day, and they drive home. If I wanted to take them early in the morning, and pick them up at night,I could have a car, but it’s too much trouble.

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I love to travel. So being able to go places I haven’t been before and to spend time learning about different cultures. It’s actually winter for us now, but I have managed to do some of this recently.

Other than that, to be able to swim, read a book and enjoy being around my family is pretty great. If I’m not travellling, I’d rather be home with my family in my garden.

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When I live in the north a perfect summer is being outside a lot, swimming, and be as lazy as I can be to just appreciate the lovely weather.

In Florida, summer is mostly staying inside or the pool, but we still have lovely blue skies, and green everywhere, and it’s a good time to travel and get out of the heat. Ideally, I would vacation far north or Europe. I haven’t don’t that since my trip to Alaska a few years ago. Usually, I’m not looking for the temps of Alaska, more like Michigan or New York in the mountains or by the water is my favorite.

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Lounging on the beach and reading a good book and drinking a cold soda.

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Well, camping is the best thing, but we haven’t done it yet this year. Rick says we’re going to go set up on Sunday and stay out there all week. Trouble is, I now have kid duty on certain days. I don’t want to make anyone come all the way out to the lake to get them.
Plus it looks like we have a hell of a storm coming in. I need to go take a shower so I can be ready for it.

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