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Is there someone you envy?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (21499points) August 17th, 2016

I don’t mean that you would like to see harm come to them. There may be cases where despite all your efforts you didn’t even come close to what he/she has managed. In other situations it is more admiration than envy but in others you wonder how that person got it ALL right. I certainly don’t like the idea of envy turning into hate or spite, however do you ever envy someone secretly and discreetly?

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I envy Donald Trump.

He can be a complete idiot, utter buffoon, and act outrageously, and people don’t care. In fact they celebrate him for it.

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No, not any more. I grew out of that by the time I was thirty.

The statement, ” wonder how that person got it ALL right.” is a matter of comparing their outside to your inside. They may have it all right from your perspective, but we all have our own hidden problems. Their wonderful life may actually be awful.

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I was watching beach volleyball last night and those Brazilian woman! I envy their butts.

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I envy Satan.

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I hope not. I’m guilty of many things, but envy is one that I try to stop as soon as I start to feel it. Almost nothing will kill happiness faster than envy, and I prefer happiness to anything that anyone else has… that I know of… so far. Got to be vigilant.

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Dear me no, could not conceive of such a self defeating, negative outlook

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@ucme not even your neighbour’s kitchen staff? :)

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He envies Iceland for having the superior football team.

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I recently came up with a new mantra: Envy no one. Be careful what you wish for.

BTW, we have a word in Norwegian that doesn’t exist in English. ‘Unne’ It is close to envy, but without the jealousy. It means, ‘You so deserve that, and one day I hope I can have that too.’ I think English needs that word. I think English should ‘unne’ Norwegian for having that word.

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I envy the teenage me.

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Not one person, just women in general who are naturally beautiful. I feel that I only envy physical features.

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@ANef_is_Enuf I am a woman who looks decades younger than she is, but when I need a seat on the bus, no one thinks I’m my age, so I don’t get to sit down. Don’t envy me.

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@ZEPHYRA The neighbours get our cast offs, second rate fired staff, no envy

The germanic one forgets the “one swallow does not a summer make” school of thought, now cast your eyes at the Olympic medal table & weep bitter tears of defeat

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Reed Richards. Smoking hot wife and super smarts.

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There are many people I know who seem genuinely centered with themselves. I envy the comfort they seem to feel in their skin, but I also know I don’t take enough risks to have the practice and eventual success I’d need to gain that sort of confidence. I say envy because while I like to think that what I’m feeling is closer to unne, if I’m being honest the envy finds places and moments to sneak in.

Btw, how would one use “unne” in a sentence?

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I unne you that terrific holiday to Tailand. It sounded marvellous.

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No. My experience has been that even when someone else’s life seems perfect, they have their own problems and issues. Often things that I’d really rather not experience. And @ANef_is_Enuf, when I find myself looking at a beautiful woman and thinking ‘wow, I wish I had her body’ (or whatever), I often find myself then imagining what ailment’s that person has inherited from her ancestors. Perhaps she will end up with something I’d really rather not endure. It usually helps put those thoughts to rest!

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