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How do I talk to the cute girl in the office?

Asked by Xpress411 (120points) August 1st, 2008

I work in a large office. There is an intern that I don’t ever work with or have a reason to talk to. Does anyone know any good openers that won’t seem overtly like I’m trying to get the digits

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start slow. don’t just ask her for her number right off the bat. make eye contact with her when you see her, flash a smile here and there. Just to kind of give her an idea that you’ve noticed her. Then one day go in for the kill and say hi ask her how she is and gradually make conversation.

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Well, don’t call her “cute girl” for starters. Are you her peer or supervisor? Tread lightly depending on the hierarchy. Tell her you noticed that she was new to the office and offer to help her get acquainted with things. Eye contact and a smile goes a long way as cecil mentioned.

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Go to her desk and say “Hi, I’m (insert your name here) I work in the (instert where you work here)” and start a very casual conversation, like, where do you study, do you like working here, simple things, then smile say good bye and say “I’ll see you around” the next time, invite her for a cup of coffee…

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Interoffice: Bad idea. Watch some primetime television to see how bad.

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Try to guess the first syllable of her name. It is probably Ma-.

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Oh and another thing make things natural, don’t give her the staredown every time she walks by or flash a really big smile. Just let it flow. :) good luck!

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Talk to her the way you would talk to any newcomer, regardless of appearance; be friendly and professionally soliticious. If things evolve, she will no longer be an intern in a year.

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Be cool, calm, and collected. The last you want her to notice is a nervous, insecure man. Listen to want she has to say, reply to her part of the conversation. Don’t go blabbing endlesslly about irrelevant things in your life, you she her at work so start out with work related topics then move toward more personal aspects. Be yourself and don’t put her on a platform that can’t be obtained.

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Walk up to her, and say, “hey babe, I lost my number. Can I have yours?” Works like a charm everytime

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Calling any female intern in a large company “Hey. babe” is sure to be a successful strategy.

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Hahahaha, yeah, just like the rest of the line… who does that work on rockstar? your “real doll”? :-D

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Two words for you:



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@la chica-Hey, watch it, real dolls have feelings too :)

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This pick up line talk reminds me of one my buddy threw out. He walked up to this completely random, gorgeous girl and asked to buy her a house. She giggled and asked why. Then she gave an odd look and basically ran away.

Just be natural. Take small steps to try to put the cards in your favor. If you try to hard, she’ll get creeped out.

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Be natural, and don’t seem too interested. Like others said, get eye contact, let her notice that she has been noticed, and then talk to her, very casual, hi, whats up, chit chat for a few minutes or so about this or that….and next time you talk to her, ask her to get some lunch or something, everyone has to eat right? I always like to eat outside if a restaurant gives you the option and it’s nice out. And keep your fingers crossed that she doesn’t have a boyfriend…

And if none of that seems to be working, go with rockstars idea =)

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very carefully at a company outing

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