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I'm exporting from iPhoto into a folder, and I want the photos to stay in the same order that I manually arranged them (without changing titles). How?

Asked by zina (1653points) August 1st, 2008

There are hundreds of photos, so I’m not going to do it manually.

iPhoto 2008 version 7.1.4, Macbook 10.4.11

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I assume you mean that you need them to show up in the same order when you’re browsing through them in the finder? I can’t really think of a good way of doing this without changing the filenames. If you tell me a little more about what you’re doing with the images that you need these two requirements, maybe I can think of a workaround.

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I need to upload several hundred photos to Flickr. According to filenames and the dates attached to them, they’re all out of order (mostly from being taken with many different cameras), but in a folder in iPhoto I’ve arranged them in the appropriate order (a VERY timeconsuming task!). I’ve downloaded Flickr Uploadr, but it seems I still need to export photos from iPhoto into a desktop folder. I did that, but of course they revert to filename order (alphabetical). I see the option to export sequentially and rename the files – I assume that will accomplish what I want – but the bummer would be to lose the names (which are still generic numbers, but it’s kindof nice how it shows that they’re from different cameras/people—I’m not wild about having it say Event1, Event2, Event3,... Event700, Event701… through the Flickr folder).

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Hm. There might be a solution. Unfortunately, I have a copy of iPhoto 2008 (I’ve got 2006, apparently), so I can’t look for it. Are you sure that even when you set the view to arrange the files by date in the Finder they come up in the wrong order? I hope someone else can help you!

(And if it’s any consolation, even if you rename them, the information about what camera they were taken in should still be embedded in the file and Flickr will still be able to tell you/your viewers what camera it was taken with.)

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mmmm good idea about rearranging them in the folder – but neither ‘date modified’ nor ‘date created’ works…. but maybe this can get me toward a solution (if i can ‘re-date’ them when exporting)....

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mmmm i was hoping that perhaps making them all jpegs or something would make a new date reference, but no.

any other ideas? anyone?

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crap! i went ahead and exported sequentially, renaming the files. but now flickr uploadr is reordering them by date taken!!! ah!

you can drag and drop them into a different order before uploading, but i really do not want to have to reorder these manually, even in small batches. i checked preferences, help, and FAQs, and don’t see an option to sort by title!

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OK, I have the answer. How exciting! Usually I just leave people sarky comments ;)

I use / have used a plugin for iPhoto called FlickrExport – it makes Flickr show up as an option in the ‘Export’ window in iPhoto. When you select all the photos in a set, it seems to keep them all in that order in the export window – so I would assume this means that when they upload to Flickr they’re all in that order as well. I just did a brief test of this and that seems to be the case.

It cost me £12 (around $24). There is a demo version which will allow the upload of 5 files at a time, appending some demo chat (Uploaded with FlickrExport etc) but should do the trick in terms of trying it out and seeing if the ordering works for you.

If so, happy days – buy it!

Holler if you need any help.


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Ok, I also have about 500 photos that I’m trying to send to disk so I can send them to RitzPic or Smilebox to have a very large collection for my mother’s 80th.
The photos do not stay in order and I worked on it for many hours. The iPhoto is the 6.06 or 6 and the cd’s are ony holding around 90 pics.
1. How can I keep them in order (upgrade to 8.0???)
2. I export the specific album to desktop, documents, it just says to decide on where to find them and then burn. But, after exporting, I find the location of the folder made, begin burning (using File > Burn) so the photo processing company can use it, but it most always stops immediately: has my name/applications/cannot continue! Should I use filenames, iPhoto titles or album? And, yes, the extention and jpg is on. I have been using new folders titled Mom 1, Mom 2, etc. Can you help me with this as I’m under the gun.
The most important item is keeping the pics in order. Thanx, Dianne

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