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How and what can i do?

Asked by allknowingone (59points) August 1st, 2008

At my school all of the proxy sites have been blocked. So what can i do and how to get on myspace and facebook and all of the other wonders of the web.

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Get your own computer?

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@allknowingone: When I was still in school, um, hacking led to expulsion. I think you can survive 7–8 hours without Facebook and MySpace in exchange for an education.

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Find more proxy sites.
Become a lab tech at your school and just get the administrator password.
How did they manage to block all of the proxy sites?

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man i have no idea but i have serched google and ask and went through 20 pages of proxys and none of them worked

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Oh, you’re searching for proxy sites; I thought you had a list on hand or something you could type directly into the URL bar.

I would guess that they’re blocking the most well known ones, or blocking them as you’re searching for them with the word “proxy”.

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You should no be on those sites in school.

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…OR you could just you know, learn… instead of going on Facebook and MySpace.

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Take a year off? Flip burgers and surf all you want.

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I would think the student who can hack past school proxy servers has a brighter future than the kids who spend all day playing by the rules.

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Getting a good education is not synonymous with being a robot. A hacker has limited career possibilities.

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Really? Explain that one too me, also explain your definition of a hacker because I’m sure it’s a narrow minded one if you’re saying that.

A hacker can easily be defined as a creative individual who has the ability to find alternate routes to information; this is not limited to digital mediums of course. There are endless possibilities for people with this sort of mindset. Also, the government regularly hires hackers for their cyber crime division.

Granted, this is all irrelevant to the users initial question, so my apologies.

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Hacking my college network led me to the hospital, my advice, don’t…

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The blocks are put there for a reason. Don’t try to get past them. Seriously, why on earth are kids so addicted to MySpace/Facebook, surely if all your friends are on there (if they’re the same age) are in school to so it’s no use anyway, right?

Oh. Your school sounds really…lax…seriously, so many blocked proxy sites, but they’re just blocked. At my school, try and access say 5 blocked proxies in a row, bam your PC is shut down and a techy is on his way to take you off the network, I tell you from experience ;)

To answer your question however as I guess I should you could do a couple of things:

1) Create your own proxy server on your home PC
2) Use IP’s instead of URL’s as they don’t always block those

You could even try using translation sites (which are blocked at my school because of this very reason).

But really, there is no point to trying to get past them. If you’re that addicted to MySpace you need help, 7 hours away is nothing, does much really change in that time length anyway? (Wait…wonders of the web…MySpace…cringe)

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@megalongcat: While having the creativity and cleverness to hack a computer system indicates a bright mind, lack of a basic education will effectively negate any advantage that bright mind might have had. I think the point is that a student should follow school guidelines and save the social networking sites for a more appropriate time and venue.

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@mlc Not to mention that rewarding criminal tendencies leads to lack of good character development. Just because one can do something does not mean that one should.

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Who said anything about not getting a basic education? You would have to have one to be able to hack any sort of digital device, let alone an internet proxy server. As for the appropriate time and venue; if a student is on their lunch break, they have free realm to do anything they want for the most part after they’ve eaten their food. Which would make it an “appropriate” time to check their myspace if they feel like it.

Criminal? Accessing Facebook, though against school rules, is far from criminal. This would be a completely different story if he were trying to steal his grades off the school network and adjust them. No one is being rewarded in this scenario anyway.

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Helping is probably the wrong thing to do, but I’ve been blocked on those sort of sites when I was in high school and it was annoying. I thinkg megalongcat is right that it’s blocking your searches of anything with the word proxy in the title. Why don’t you search for the proxys at home, email the list of urls to yourself, and then try copying them into the address bar at school. it may not work, but if you’re already bored what’s another wasted 5 minutes? also, have you tried talking to your nerdier friends about it? when i was in high school, the proxy sites mostly did get blocked eventually, but i always got my new ones from my nerdy friend michael, not from google.

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The only time I find the need to break through my school’s blocking system is when they block google image sites. It is very annoying when you are an art student trying to find references but can’t get them because your school blocks imaging sites. Also I have been blocked from other sites while trying to find things for school specifically. My school was going to even block wiki because “its unreliable”. As for facebook and myspace, I could really care less. Like it really isn’t that important that I can’t wait. Also if you get caught trying to hack in my school you are banned from computers for the rest of the year.

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if the campus has a wireless network, perhaps you could use your own computer? I know asus has some really inexpensive notebooks. it’s call the EEE Pc, they’re neat. I used to own one, took it to class to take notes (and browse facebook =) )

As far as everyone saying to not even get on the internet and check anything and learn…I feel that browsing the internet in the middle of a lecture is harmless, I am still able to take notes and pay attention while checking up on friends and what not on facebook and myspace.

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RandonMr.dan; Let us know how you do in a lecture class where you can take notes, pay attention, browse the net and check up on friends and what-not on Facebook and Myspace at the same time. I wonder how the Professor feels about that.

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@ gailcalled, actually he doesn’t really know what I do, and my CUM GPA in college is 3.45…I feel rather comfortable with that. I pay attention when I need to, and when he is discussing a topic I currently know well, or something I have notes on, I may alt+tab to facebook and see what’s going on.

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Why sit through a lecture where you know much of the material already? Seems redundant..3.45 is good but there is some wiggle room there.

Really none of my business, however. Sorry.

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@gailcalled sometimes in class, there are points in which we might review parts of a chapter, if I know the material well I sit quietly until we get to the parts I want to go over…and most the classes I attend give some points just for showing up and attenting class =).

I guess we got off topic a bit huh? Oh well.

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Just be there to learn, noob. For those of us who want to get ahead, we know that Facebook and Myspace are the biggest waste of time since polly pockets.

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