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What would you like tourists to see near your home?

Asked by Call_Me_Jay (12158points) August 19th, 2016

You may love everything, but what is THE best. What are you proud of?

If I had to pick one thing here in Chicago, it’s our lakefront. It gives us beaches and sunrises and a fantastic skyline.


But what do I need to know about your area?

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The hiking trails on Mt Tamalpais and the Marin Headlands. (I live in the San Francisco Bay Area).

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They should check this out…

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I’d like them to take a walk through the rainforest on Mt Tamborine. About 30 minutes from my home.
Or perhaps they can go on a bush walk to the waterfall.
Or maybe this waterfall in the hinterland.
Something nice to do while you’re up there is to take in the view of the Gold Coast.
Or if they fance visiting the beach, they could go for a walk along this stretch.
Perhaps a trip on a city cat ferry along the Brisbane River might suit you better.
Or take in the view of the city from Kangaroo Point cliffs.
There are so many things to see. I haven’t started on the animals or the North Coast, which is just stunning. I know one of our jellies has said one of the places on the North Coast is his idea of heaven.

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There is nothing to see.

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There are so many. Here are a few favorites:

Amicalola Falls

Civil War Battlefields

And there is a beautiful drive through the Ocoee Ravine – link

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I live in the center of Prague. So tourists should see all sights here (mainly Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, Astronomical Clock).

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There isn’t a ton, really.

Probably the best thing about Tampa is all the different ways to leave it: fishing boat, cruise ship, etc.

Ybor City is nice to look at if you’re interested in the architecture of the 1920s and also chain restaurants.

If you like feeling like you’ve just landed in an Annette Funicello movie, you can visit the Tarpon Springs Sponge Docks. Hella’s has some great Greek food. Then you can head down to Clearwater Beach for Sunsets at Pier 60. Sunday evenings at Treasure Island Beach is the drum circle and bonfire. That used to go until about 10 PM but now by law it has to be over by sunset. Buzzkills.

There’s also a theme park if you’ve already done Disney and Universal and have a day or two to blow.

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In an area near to where @Seek lives, I have found tons to show people:

Honeymoon Island State Park and Beach
Caladesi Island – one of the top beaches in the country
Dali Museum in St Pete
Pinellas County Bike Trail
Tampa Theatre – a 1920s motion picture palace
Tampa Art Museum
Dunedin – cutesy touristy downtown
Nature boat rides from Tarpon Springs with dolphin viewings
Good fresh fish
Kayaking through mangroves

And in my own area:

The boardwalk and beach of Asbury Park with free live music almost every summer night
Ocean Grove – a Methodist camp meeting town on the list of National historic sites
Monmouth Battlefield
scenic drive in Atlantic Highlands
Twin Lights
Allaire State Park

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Departures gate at the airport.

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The friendly people and low crime rate.
Go to the grocery store and talk with folks. Strangers will readily strike up a conversation with you.
“Looks like you are shopping for a picnic.” “Looks like bar-b-que for dinner.Save a place for me.”. “Does your wife know you’re buying that?”
It is so much fun to see.

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@LuckyGuy – OMG that’s terrifying.

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Near me is a new park, Whirligig Park , it is in the downtown section of an old southern city. The city, at one time, had the largest cigarette tobacco leaf auctions each year.

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The airport and the “You are now leaving…” signs.

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The parts of my house that need painting, paint scrapers, paint, and paint brushes.

Not much to see, but it’s free! ;-D

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@Seek. It is so much fun. You can talk to anyone and they will be friendly. If you are on the parkway or a 4 lane road and put on your turn signal the person behind you in the other lane will make space for you! I showed it to my friend from NJ and he was incredulous!
Come to a 4 way stop and the other people will wave.
Wonderful. There is clearly a bit of Mayberry in the Town’s DNA. .

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This is in my backyard, just a few miles away from me in these here hills. The tallest bridge in CA. ( 730 ft. ) 4th tallest in the U.S. Breathtaking views and also a high suicide rate.

I also lived and still live not far from here. Marshall Gold Discovery site where James Marshall found the first Gold in the American river in 1848 that started the California Gold Rush.

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If I were to put a pin on the map where I am, and use a string to make a circle indicating two hour rides in all directions, there would be NY,C (tons of stuff to do there as you can imagine), a good part of the state of New Jersey, a good part of the state of Connecticut, southern Massachusetts, Rhode Island and the historic and bucolic Hudson Valley (NY).

Two weekends ago we were in Rhode Island, a two hour ride. We went to the famous Narragansett Beach, which was incredibly beautiful.

Today I am driving up to the Berkshires, which is in southeastern Massachusetts right near the NY border, a two hour ride. This is Gail territory. Mountains, forests, another beautiful area.

Thinking about it this way, I live in a great spot.

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Forty-five minutes from my home in one direction is Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park with its giant redwoods, and a little further, Santa Cruz, with the beach, the boardwalk, the lighthouse, and more—both places brimming with old hippies (and tourists). It’s like a time warp. You can feel the vibe.

Forty-five minutes in the other direction is San Francisco.

Right around where we are, though, there’s really not much of anything except residential areas and shopping malls. And a lot of major and minor Silicon Valley high-tech companies, such as eBay and Cisco and Adobe and Intel and Netflix and Apple and the rest. And freeways. Oh, yeah, and an airport and hotels.

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(Actually it’s not so much Henry Cowell that’s brimming with old hippies but the town of Felton, around it. We feel right at home. And we weren’t even genuine hippies.)

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Any place on St. Lucia, which is a very small island in the Caribbean. But my favorite is Le Gros Piton at the southwest end of the island.

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@Espiritus_Corvus Spectacular…you win for coolest home zone. :-)
That mountain reminds me of Sugarloaf or?
Can’t put my finger on it, sure would like to perch my ass on it though. lol

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@Coloma It reminds me of nowhere else in the world. Possibly somewhere in Asia, but more like a Tolkein book cover. Wild terrain. Not very many roads. Nice horsey and burro country.

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