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Seattle on a budget?

Asked by mcbealer (10198points) August 1st, 2008

Help my dream come true: to visit Seattle!
We would need lodging 3 nights, 8/27–8/30. I found a really good deal on airfare, but if we can’t find accomodations we’re beat. Lodging is for 1 adult and 1 child. Is it possible to find a room in a safe section, not too far from attractions for less than $100/night, or am I dreaming?

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Seattle is a little bug-a-boo in the summer, as August and September are the high months of the tourist season. Check out the Convention and Visitor Bureau’s website:
Click on visit seattle; click on lodging

Perhaps you will find something there—perhaps a bed and breakfast, often less costly. I checked a couple of my family fav hotels for you and the price was quite high. I would call the Bureau, too, if you cannot find anything. Neighborhood is everything. If it’s too cheap, you are probably in a place where you might not want to be with your child. I’d be happy to take a look once you have a few places that fit your budget.

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This hotel is near the Space Needle, Pacific Science Center, Seattle Center, the waterfront and the Pike Place Market:

Rates were $180.00 week nights and $200.00 weekends. It’s a safe place but I wouldn’t go out after dark (being very protective of your child). They had avails when I checked. . .and you’ll need to include taxes, which are high, because Seattle has a special tax on hotel rooms.

Local Attractions:
.02 mile(s) from Monorail, Tourist transportation to and from downtown shopping and retail stores
.02 mile(s) from Seattle Center, Space Needle, Experience Music Project, Pacific Science Center, Amusement Park
.03 mile(s) from Key Arena, Home of the Seattle Super Sonics and Seattle Storm basketball teams
0.5 mile(s) from Westlake Center, Urban collection of shopping malls from wholesale to upscale.
1 mile(s) from Pike Place Public Market, Seattle’s Famous Farmers Market… Fish, fun and souveniers a plenty
1 mile(s) from Puget Sound Waterfront, which is home to various retailers, restaurants and approximately 121,000 square feet of convention and meeting space
1 mile(s) from Seattle Art Museum, Two separate locations of Seattle’s greatest art and sculptures. Inquire about directions at the hotel.
1.5 mile(s) from Seattle Aquarium, Newly renovated waterfront attraction complete with IMAX theater.
2 mile(s) from Pioneer Square, Seattle’s historic district… Pioneer Square contains some of the finest art galleries, restaurants and antique stores
2 mile(s) from Safeco Field, home to the Seattle Mariner’s baseball team. Just south of pioneer square
2 mile(s) from Quest Field, Home of the Seattle Seahawks football team. Just south of Safeco Field
2 mile(s) from Underground Tour, A journey though Seattle’s pre-“Great Fire” days through todays sewers to see yesteryear’s storefronts.
4 mile(s) from Woodland Park Zoo, The oldest zoo on the west coast and winner of 6 major awards.
4 mile(s) from University of Washington, Home of the Huskies and Washington State’s most prestigious medical institute.
5 mile(s) from Boeing Field, Home of the Boeing Museum of Flight. Tours available for pickup from hotel.

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As lindabrowne1 said, it is high season. The problem is the close to attractions and hotel under $100. I found a Bellevue hotel for $75 a night and a Sea-Tac airport Hotel for $74 a night, but you would have to take public transit (I am assuming you don’t have a car) to get to the attractions area. Since most of the attractions are in or near downtown, it is no problem finding buses that go straight there. (easier from Sea tac, but Bellevue is a nicer area although less non-car friendly.)

I was using Hotwire with your search dates. The way it works, you don’t know the hotel until you actually book it so you don’t know exactly where it is, just what neighborhood and how many stars. It does offer great deals.

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Shared housing is very common in Seattle. Maybe check craigslist for people who have a room available.

Also, public transportation is very good, and there are a number of express routes to downtown, so that can give you some flexibilty on location. Maybe cross check hotel locations with bus routes.

Lastly, Seattle’s largest arts festival (Bumbershoot) starts Aug 30, so plan for things to be hectic around the Seattle Center that day and the evening before.

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update thanks to all who responded. I will continue reading up on prior postings about Seattle on fluther (there’s quite a few!)

We opted to stay in the UW district, paying a bit more than $100/night but a lot of amenities and flexibility.

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To the person who said not to go out after dark—hogwash. Seattle is one of the safest cities in America. Don’t be paranoid. I mean, use common sense, but “don’t go out after dark?” Come on.

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@Tone Where does it say don’t go out after dark?

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@lindabrowne1 above: “It’s a safe place but I wouldn’t go out after dark (being very protective of your child).”

I would call that being over protective of your child.

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