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Have you had really good tea?

Asked by Call_Me_Jay (12178points) August 20th, 2016

I have an English friend who makes me tea when I visit and it’s WONDERFUL. It can be 90 degrees F and I beg, “make tea, please!!” This may sound like a weird comparison, but the hot tea is refreshing, like drinking carbonated water with lemon on a summer day.

I don’t know how he does it. When I’m in Chinatown or anywhere else with expensive tea, I buy some and take it to my friend and demand some proper hot tea.

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I like BiLuoChun Chinese green tea and probably drink a pint of it each day.

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I have had a great one called Honeybush. I first had it in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, in Asia (the Asia section of the park, LOL). I then bought it from Amazon. It has a pleasant, naturally sweet flavor. It’s from Africa.

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I learned how to make tea years ago, from Douglas Adams

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My grandpa made awesome tea. It was plain tea with sugar, in a glass kettle.

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I used to get “Om” tea from Tazo. I don’t think they make it any more. Tazo’s regular black tea is very good. I think it’s called “Awake” and they serve it at Starbucks.

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There’s a tea shop in the Dandenongs, Victoria that do the nicest Irish Breakfast tea. It’s stronger than English, but not as strong as the Scottish blend. I love it. It has a fragrance to it without being as perfumy as some other teas. It doesn’t matter how good the blend is if the person making the tea doesn’t understand the process.

I do get your point though. It’s wonderful when you get a cup of tea that you just don’t want to end because it is so refeshing and delicious.

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I am a self-professed tea snob. I learned to make tea when I lived in Singapore where the coffee was wretched. I switched. I drank coffee again when I returned States-side, but I drink tea almost exclusively now.

I also drink only the very best tea, and the only time it’s not loose-leaf is at the office where tea bags are a necessity.

I discovered Harney and Sons Supreme Breakfast this year. It replaced Stash English Breakfast as my morning cuppa. I still use the Stash for brewing iced tea.

I also like Dilma Ceylon Tea very much, and I often drink it in the afternoon.

I have fun trying many different kinds of tea from Harney and Sons. I have 2 first-flush Darjeelings that are superb, but they are no longer on their site.

Many years ago when I lived in Sydney, I bought Twinings Queen Mary tea that I relished. It was the tea served on the ship by that name. It is no longer available. I’ve had other teas that were supposed to be the same, but they weren’t. It’s a sad loss.

I cannot stomach Lipton any more. It’s dross.

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My sister is really into tea and she suggests Upton Tea Imports, which has long leaf teas from around the world.

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