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Would you put a picture of yourself in a hospital bed on a dating site?

Asked by janbb (57156points) August 20th, 2016

Just saw one and it strikes me as odd.

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It would probably be a deal breaker for me.

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Only to appeal to a very specific type…so…no.

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Possibly, if I was long term sick, but it is a bit odd.

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Maybe as bragging rights when I donated a kidney.

This comment is bragging. How YOU doing, sweetheart?

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I’m not on dating sites, but no, I wouldn’t put a photo of myself in a hospital bed.

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If he was hospitalized for syphilis or gonorrhea, that would be a turn-off, for sure.

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It wouldn’t be my first choice.

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Only if I got in the hospital for awesome reasons. Like rescuing a puppy from the river. Or for being a daredevil trying to find another like him.

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I see a lot of weird choices on dating sites… some people seem to have no clue that their picture choice can be an immediate turn-off.

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Maybe they are trying to bag a doctor.

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Context is all. Always. If the rest of the profile was either humorous, or intelligent (or both), or made light of the situation in some way (or major props if it was honest enough to say, “Hey, this is who I am and this is how I always am), then good on him.

Points for originality in any case.

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If a disability is a big part of that person’s life, then the picture might screen out people who wouldn’t accept that.

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@Mariah But shouldn’t that be part of their narrative in that case?

By the way, this is a fairly lighthearted question. I didn’t have a strong reaction; I just thought it a little odd.

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If they didn’t say anything about being disabled in their profile I’d assume it was probably someone who thought they were a badass for having to go to the hospital after a motorcycle accident or something, lmao.

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Well if I had particularly sexy bed hair in that photo… maybe!

No. Seriously, I can’t imagine I’d put a photo of me in a hospital bed on any site – but definitely not a dating site if I was looking for a partner.

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May be he’s feeling lonely out there and wants someone desperately by his side..)

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