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How long until a Flintstones multi-vitamin is beneficial?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (17707points) August 21st, 2016

I am taking Flintstones vitamins for the first time in five months. How long until the vitamins take affect?

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Assuming you’re serious about taking vitamins to supplement your nutrition (key word: “supplement”, vitamins alone aren’t going to meet your nutritional needs), and not just looking for an excuse to eat more sweets, I’d suggest taking something a bit more formulated for adults rather than children.

Nor are vitamins something that are going to have a tangible, immediate effect. They’re simply, again, a supplement to long-term health.

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When you start having an uncontrollable urge to shout Yabba Dabba Doo! That is the sign that the Flintstones are kicking in. lol

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@RedDeerGuy1 What effect are you expecting? Many of the effects of vitamins, especially multivitamins like Flintstones, are to decrease deterioration and slow disease onset. They do not cure you of anything.

In certain circumstances, a diagnosed vitamin deficiency may be addressed by a course of treatment that includes specific vitamins by injection or by large dose tablets. That would be under the care and oversight of a physician. It is not something that gets reversed with Flintstones.

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@zenvelo Scurvy. I watched a video on it last night and had an orange and took a multi -vitamin.

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I don’t really think scurvy’s much of a concern in the developed world these days. It’s caused by a vitamin c deficiency, but many of the foods we buy off store shelves are vitamin-fortified anyway. That’s why in modern first world countries malnutrition is relatively uncommon even among the poor.

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If you are serious:

You will never see an effect from synthetic “multivitamins.”

Not only are synthetic vitamins not recognized by your body as a nutrient, but the crude cartoon shaped delivery system lacks boiavaliability.

No nutritional value will be absorbed and used by your body.

In fact, sewage engineers complain about the multitude of fake vitamins that pass through the body and end up in their jurisdiction.

You might as well take the money you spend on such “supplements” and flush it down the toilet instead.

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@Darth_Algar @SecondHandStoke @zenvelo I’m trying to get rid of my dizziness and the desire to stay safe indoors , like a PsyDuck wanting to hide in his pokeball . Taking a $.25 pill is a easy lower fruit to pick. My psychiatrist laughed at me when I told him that the $20 book on Orthostatic Hypotension told me to raise my blood pressure slightly. I’m running out of doctors to get second opinions. I’m not allowed to change psychiatrists at this time.

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Taking vitamins isn’t going to treat your dizziness or cure your social anxiety. There’s some underlying issues there that can’t be fixed by just taking something you’re bought off the shelf. And it’s honestly likely that you’ve already getting all the nutrients your body requires already just from the foods you eat.

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They might take effect fully in about a week but it’s not like they’ll make you Hulk-like anytime soon.

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@RedDeerGuy1 So your Orthostatic Hypotension diagnosis and treatment was from a book you read, not from a doctor? Was the 279 heartbeats per minute recorded and documented by a health professional, or your calculation?

You don’t have scurvy,. Your other issues need to be addressed by a doctor, but you have to stop shopping for a doctor that tells you what you want to hear.

We already know you don’t like what people on flitter suggest you do. Doctors want what is best for you, they really don’t want to keep having to treat you. So do as they suggest, and do so for an extended period of time.

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@zenvelo A GP dr. And my psychiatrist both agree that I have ortho static hypotension. The hospital always has my pulse at 279. I usually am given a wheelchair for the 5 hour wait to see a dr

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Have none of these doctors you have seen not realized that the only problem you have is fear, high level anxiety, obessions and ultimately depression? Is it too hard for seasoned doctors to see this?? Pleeeeease don’t think I am criticizing you, since I am in a similar boat yet sailing differently. But can they not see that you are an anxious, depressed and somehow terrified individual? Nothing else is wrong with you, it’s all psychosomatic.

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@ZEPHYRA While some of that may be true, please do not play doctor on here.

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If I may ask, what medications are you currently on? I ask because some psyche meds (especially antidepressants and MAOIs) can cause/exacerbate dizzy spells/light headedness as a side effect.

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sitting all day and general inactivity are probable causes here
A pulse of 279 is not realistic. A normal resting would be 200 lower.
You have to wait 5 hours to see a doc?

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@ARE_you_kidding_me At night I have to wait 5 hours in the emergency room. Then I get offered adavan . I say no then they tell me to leave.

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Well in any sense I’ll pass on what vitamins I take:
High quality multivitamin, not your drugstore variety but one that does not use mostly synthetic compounds. It’s expensive but is light years ahead of the candy vitamins you were taking.
High quality COD liver oil enhanced with vitamin D
High potency curcumin (from tumeric)
Baby aspirin Don’t take unless instructed by a doc. I have been instructed to take it because of factor V and a couple of other mutations thanks bad genes~
The focus I have is reducing inflammation and keeping my D levels optimal. Heart disease runs in the family something awful so the inflammation is the worst offender. I also have some poor genetics that cause me trouble with folic acid (synthetic folate) so I have to be sure I get the non synthetic versions. Keeping a steady flow of B vitamins helps with energy.

Careful with vitamins, like really be careful. Vitamin D you need to know where you are at and how your body reacts because it accumulates in your system. More is not always better, you just have to listen to your body and your doctor.

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@RedDeerGuy1 Are you going to the ER for panic attacks ?

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