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What should I do tonight?

Asked by Trance24 (3311points) August 1st, 2008

I do not want to just sit around and do nothing tonight with my b/f. Any ideas..? That will perhaps not break our wallets.

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sneak into a movie…hint: check the backdoors

Go somewhere you have never been…..

Get high…..?

Search your room for change and hit the arcade…..

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take the change to coinstar and get $....

Go to toys-r-us and play with stuff…....

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Get something peirced!

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go to Barnes and Noble or other bookstore…grab a couple of books (don’t necessarily have to buy them…just don’t leave the store), some coffee and find a good place to sit to read the books.

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I smell a perfect night for twister.

Otherwise go exploring.

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What I should really do is drive to my friends house steal his shrooms, and go on a fun tripped out adventure through the woods!!! But saddly that wont happen haha. Going to toys-r-us sounds fun though. Haha.

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@cheebdragon: you sound like a lot of fun!!!

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It’s First Friday! Depending on where you live, this is typically a day for free gallery showings, street fairs, or shows. Check out your local funky paper and see if there’s anything going on. Good luck

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Get geeky and write some apps or scripts!

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cheebdragon is right on! Catch a buzz and go somewhere where there’s a lot of activity and a bunch of people. I can make a night out of kicking back and “people watching”...a festival or fair or ‘city walk” like location with additional available activities adds flavor the mix

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Grab an iphone. Go for a run, and try to respond to questions on fluther while doing it.

Well that, or games night. Get those board games out.
I’d invite you over but the little one’s in bed.

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even better drinking games so much fun

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osullivan- didn’t you see on the news that sending text messages is dangerous because of walking into stuff….....LOL news must be slow this week if that’s all they could think of to report about… cousin walked into a pole one time and she didn’t even have a cell phone lmao….

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here are a few ideas…

Comedy Club
Dark Knight if you haven’t seen it
Go out and try something new like, for example I took my girlfriend out to try sushi a few days ago

Just a few ideas off the top of my head, hope it helped.

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I remember a politician in Britain who actually went on the radio and said that the streets were very dangerous for pedestrians because there were too many signs and poles around the place. His theory was that because there were so many obstacles that people were bound to injure themselves by walking into things.

Slow news week that week too me thinks.

So everyone needs to get any spare pillows they have and wrap them around poles on the street in their local area.

Andrew. We need Fluther pillows to wrap around poles please.

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“What we do every night Pinky, Try and take over the world!”



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