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How much would it cost to go to Canada?

Asked by sam22 (1points) August 1st, 2008

My boyfriend and I were planning a trip to Canada to watch a band that is on tour. We are leaving from Albany, NY and airfare would run us $758.05 p/p. (this does not include costs for a hotel and car rental) Would it just be cheaper to drive there? By how much?

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Where in Canada is the show, and how good is your car’s mileage?

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Toronto, ON, Canada and probably around 30 mpg

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Google says this is about 766 miles round trip.
766 miles/30mpg=approximately 26 gallons.
+13 gallons in NY at approximately $4.25/gallon = about $55.

Google also tells me that gas in Toronto is 129 cents/liter and I am going to save myself a conversion and assume the dollar is still roughly at parity.
Another 13 gallons=49 liters*129 cents/liter=$63 (right? someone check my math).

So about $120 for gas versus $1516 for 2 plane tickets.

I would drive.

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Great calc’s niki. Add to that time spent getting to the airport, the means to get there, the hassle of the packing, checking in through security and food, it’s a not even a toss up. Even staying somewhere halfway through the drive would still be less hassle than flying. We drive now whenever we can do it in a day or less.

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You don’t even need to split the trip up if you take turns. it’s probably 13 hours if you stick to highways.

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