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What are good brands of shoes?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (32591points) August 23rd, 2016

I’m having trouble finding good shoes.

I tried the Allagash shoes from LL Bean, but returned the loafers for poor fit and the ones with ties, because they hurt my feet.

I bought some Rockports at Macy’s, but I have to return them. I normally wear 11, but they felt very loose in the store, so I bought 10.5. I’m wearing those today, and they hurt.

What do you recommend?

I’m willing to pay full price for shoes. Shirts I buy on sale. Jeans I get at the thrift store.

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New Balance running shoes are good for tall men. Cost about $120

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I’m a huge fan of Keen. Very comfortable.

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Brooks for sneakers, I like my Merrell’s for slip-on dress shoes.

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What sort of shoes do you want? Shoes for walking? Running? Day wear? Dress shoes?

I have a pair of Sketchers. My husband bought some about a year ago, and he was very sceptical, but they’re now the shoes he wears when he wants comfort and we have a lot of walking to do. I was in an airport recently and overheard a man telling his wife, who had been complaining about her feet, that they must get a pair of Sketchers. People at work have also said how much they love their Sketchers. So have a look at their range.

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Too late to edit, but it’s Skechers… no t.

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RE: What sort of shoes?

Allagash shoes from LL Bean were mentioned. They’re outdoorsy loafers with treads.

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I am a big fan of Bass Shoes. Well made and comfy. I get them at the outlets.

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Cabela’s has great outdoor / casual shoes. I’ve got one pair of their lace-ups that I am literally wearing out from the top down and the bottom up. I’ve had them for maybe eight years now; the soles are worn smooth and the uppers are wearing out, but they’re still the most comfortable shoes I’ve had in a long time.

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These are to wear to work. They do not have to be very dressy, but they should look professional.

Sorry to leave out that detail.

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Well, the Cabela’s shoes I mentioned have been worn to work 99% of the time in “business casual” environment. They’re not hiking shoes by any means.

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The ones you get at BIG 5 stores for about $30 when they’re on sale. Do not buy Dr. Scholl’s shoes if you’re looking for a pair that will last. One of the best, most comfortable, longest lasting shoes I’ve worn IN YEARS are made by FILA. (normally about $59.95) (I suppose I should mention that I AM HARD ON SHOES!!!)

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I have had all kinds of issues with shoes for as long as I can remember (my Podiatrist has it in his notes that my feet are “jacked up”), but a few months ago I bought a pair of Doc Martens and walked about 8 miles in them the first day with absolutely zero issues. I also tend to like the cheapy $4 sneakers from kmart/walmart, but they fall apart super quick (and they’re children’s shoes so I’m not sure you could find something in your size).

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The thing about shoes is finding a maker whose last is close to the shape of your foot.

I have flat wide feet, with a bunion on one, and as are suit I feel quite at home in New Balance shoes for running and sneakers.

For dress, casual, and a variety of other types of shoes, I found out about twelve years ago that Ecco,which runs in European sizes, fit me well. So, a New Balance size 12 EE and an Ecco 46 both work great for me.

Now, the problem is finding a shoe for you. Go to ago store with a variety of quality shoes, like Nordstrom or The Walking Store, or whatever they have in Honolulu, and set some time aside to try on a variety of shoes.

It can be frustrating. I can never wear a Nike or a Doc Marten, Nike runs too narrow, and Doc Marten does not make a size to fit my foot.

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I think the thing about a good brand of shoes is that there are a lot of quality brands and they’re all “good” but the important part is what works for you, which is not necessarily going to be what someone else suggests. Also, what works in the shoe store is not necessarily going to work when walking 16 times around a track or hiking or walking many blocks to and from a train station. All the brands suggested above are good brands, but finding what works for you and what fits your foot well is the hard part.

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In my experience the more expensive the shoe the more it hurts my feet and the more blisters I get. Breaking them in may take time and require the use of elastoplast to ease the pain.

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Do you have access to a dedicated shoe store? If so, go and try everything on. Everything. Even after you think you’ve found a perfect pair. Put a few hours into it. Buy a pair or two – and if after a week or so of wearing they still work well, order several pairs online.

Finding a company that makes a shoe on a last that suits your foot can be a real journey.

Set and my dad have both done well with Rockports and Merrells. They have very differently shaped feet but both found styles that work for them.

From the perspective of someone looking at men’s shoes, not wearing them, I really like the Merrell Rally Moc. I think they look sharp without looking stuffy (or too casual).

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Payless. No, I’m not joking; I buy nearly all my shoes from Payless because they’re non-leather. Payless is aimed at people of modest means who don’t have much money for shoes; we vegans are the accidental market.

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Another vote to test out Merrell shoes. They aren’t cheap, but all of mine have lasted for years.

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Nike shoes and/or New Balance

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New balance and sketchers. NB running shoes are very comfy. Can cost around 100 to 200
I also have trouble finding shoes. Good luck

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