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What do you cook when you are alone?

Asked by skfinkel (13537points) August 1st, 2008

Reading a book on this subject, and would like to learn more about what people like to eat when on their own.,

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Take-out. Cooking and me just do not get along.

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When I’m alone I have granola bars and canned soda. I’m not very creative with food.

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Toast. Om nom nom.

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I have a tendency to accidentally start mini fires when left in the kitchen. I’m not allowed cook while I’m alone, my wife won’t allow it, apparently I need adult supervision.

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i agree with tiny and macbean!

if i have to make something, i’ll go with ramen or spaghetti with parm/romano and vinegar. or if i know i need to make something when i go to the store, i’ll do some sort of soup. brownies or scones are also a good way to go.

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@osullivan Me too! I’m not allowed to cook. I flambĂ© my pita every time. What’s wrong with me?

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We shall form a club. The Society of Non-Edible Food Preparers perhaps. We might finally get some glory for our culinary inadequacies.

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@MacBean: I had to give you lurve for using “om nom nom”

Lipton noodle sides are a biggie… um… or breakfast-y concoctions.

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…so people suck at cooking huh?

I pick an instrument and decide what to make. If it’s a pot, I sometimes make the Yukon Gold Potato, Cheese and Bacon soup I shared with folks here on another thread. If it’s a pan, I might do an egg, spinach, sausage, onion and bell pepper scramble. If it’s a George Foreman grill, I might go for a Panini sub or a “Pizzadilla” as I call them.

If I really have nothing good to cook or if I just happen to be in the mood for it, I’ll leave the house and go to Bennigan’s or something.

…oh wait.

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oh no no osullivan you are just not allowed to cook at all its just not safe

Sorry Honey

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@poofandmook—My evil plan is working! I used “om nom nom” in hopes of charming/amusing people into giving me lurve. ;)

To follow up my original answer, sometimes if I’m too lazy to butter toast, I’ll eat a HotPocket. I’m such a gourmet.

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I enjoy cooking for groups, at least for two. It’s a passion, actually.

But when I’m by myself, I tend to go for the path of least resistance and have a bowl of cereal.

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@macbean: Now I have to give you more lurve for hot pockets. Sheesh!! lol

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Summer: local tomatoes sliced with fresh mozzarella and some basil and dribbled olive oil and kosher salt.
Winter: Steamed asparagus, sesame oil as flavoring,kosher salt (I like kosher salt because the grains are big and crunchy but not too sharp a bite). Little bits of bacon on the side. Very crisp. Bacon is a big drag to cook though.
Every morning I make a big cup of espresso and put honey and 2 per cent milk in it and savor it while I read something that I actually want to read before I start doing things I’m supposed to do. Big treat. Sometimes toast with that.
Grilled cheese sandwich on the George Forman if I feel pathetic. A slice of tomato helps.

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I put a frozen veggie burger in the toaster then i make a sandwich with whatever bread is around and i pile spinach and onions and mustard on it.

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Last night I made black bean soup with lots of veggies: zucchini, corn, onion, and tomato, in my case, could use carrots or whatever else you have lying around.
Add some broth (chicken or veggie), chili powder, garlic, salt, pepper, basil, thyme, whatever else you think will taste good! Let simmer for a half hour or so. This is actually a fairly wintry meal, but i was in the mood for it. If I’m going to cook just for me, I’ll make something for a few meals at once. I had the soup again for dinner tonight!

I’ll will sometimes also pan-cook a chicken breast with spices or some kind of sauce, and have than with a salad or vegetable.

Pasta is good too, and can be made in small batches.

I also like to throw together a big salad with whatever I have in the fridge: leftover chicken, garbanzo beans, cheeses, and tons of veggies. Good for hot summer days.

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peanut butter

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Salsa and microwaved scrambled eggs. Salsa and chips; salsa w. a spoon. Salsa, EVOO on whole wheat baguette. Salsa w. black beans and brown rice.

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For some odd reason, I only cook (old fashioned) oats when I’m by myself. I add pecans, blueberries, a little flax seed, and some molasses. Warm, yummy goodness.

(I just realized that my wording is odd. I don’t cook this every time I’m alone, I only cook it when I’m alone.)

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Oats are good… I used to eat the plain ones with a bit of sugar or honey.

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leftovers? and when you say cook i mean microwave….
cooking alone is the borringggestttt.
on a more serious note, a lot of the time i make “supertoast”
i toast some bread, then put some turkey on it, and melt some cheese over that, and then put it in the oven for like 5 minutes under the broiler. sometimes i add various veggies, sliced carrots, cucumber, etc. sometimes i put dijon mustard mixed with apricot jam on it too.

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Can I get an “amen” for the Extra Hot Rotel and chips? come on!

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@strat: we do not greet groveling with enthusiasm here :-)

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@stratman: but I gave you lurve for the audacity.

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@gailcalled: You’re right, I’ll adjust accordingly.
@susanc: Thanx! I had some just tonight before coming to work.

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My husband says he absolutely abhores the sight, smell and taste of liver and onions. One of my favorites since I was a kid? Right – liver and onions!! So that’s what I make when he’s out of town for at least a full day. I can usually get rid of the cooking odor by using various measures so he doesn’t complain when he gets home. When I was single (before 1999) I had liver and onions at least once a week but since we got married, it’s been only maybe once every couple of months.

As I tell him…........boy, what I gave up for you!!

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I have trouble cooking for one. I am the sort that likes to cook for many folks. I got into the habit many years ago when I lived in a house with six other people and now I can’t cook for just one or two. So if I am by myself, I will try to find leftovers to heat up, or just order a pizza. I find it easier to cook for ten people than to cook for one. That probably explains the big annual parties I hold twice a year.

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Ramen Noodles , yum. xD

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