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What word begins with "jjj"?

Asked by cage (3114points) August 1st, 2008

when I type certain letters into my phone when it’s on predictive text I get things like ‘jjj’
or if 6 is repeatedly pressed… I get amusingly
anyone know what words these might be?

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Jjj-jive talkin’

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@astro- laughing . my . arse . off

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This is fun.

Rick Jjj-ames, bitch!

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Jjjust a minute there, my good man.

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@robmandu: LMFAO

Maybe they’re trying to include those unfortunate enough to have a stutter?

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J ello j ust j iggling ? I mean, who doesn’t say in everyday conversation: it may be Jello just jiggling, but did you hear what Ben and Andrew have in store for the next podcast?

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The auto text does come up with some strange things. I was a bit dismayed when I typed in nibbl (for nibble) and it suggested the n word. You know, the n word.

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jjjust a bbit drunk offficcerrrrr…..

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jjj-jeepers, Skoob!

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maybe the person that programed the phones decided that he’d make up his own special language and put that the auto text. When the programmer-guy was telling his much more loyal-to-the-company friend at a meeting about the language, the friend (we’ll call him Joe) freaked. Joe ran down the hall, up the stairs, through a congo line and into a circus to find the boss. But when the boss had ran out of the circus, through the congo line (the dancers were not happy), into the elevator (he has knee issues, so stairs are not an option) and back up the hall to work with Joe, the phones were already packedged and shipped to people with the made-up language (called Trinomi Jaklineseish) in it.

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You could worry about the 666 thing if you want . . .

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