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What are some positive ways to get attention?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (18837points) August 25th, 2016

In university 17 years ago I was told by several classmates that I was trying to get negative attention (really me?~) . What are positive ways to get attention? In university , real life and Fluther?

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An alternative question might better be, ” why do I need attention?”

Attention from others, positive or negative, means little. A sign of maturity is developing a sense of satisfaction with oneself through what one does and how one treats others.

You will get positive attention if you help those less fortunate than you, if you volunteer, if you put time in being a friend. But doing those kinds of things so that one can gain attention makes it worthless.

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@zenvelo I disagree, any reason to do good is fine. If you like the attention, and you get it for the good things you do, why would that be wrong?

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Do good work. Do what you say you’re going to do.

The thing is, it’s easy to get negative attention immediately. Getting positive attention takes consistency and time. That’s the biggest thing with kids and attention.

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@YARNLADY I say that because doing it only for attention’s sake means it won’t continue unless attention is prompt and ongoing.

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Achieving something that is valuable to the people around you.

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On Fluther if you give great answers, ask great questions, support your opinions with facts, and have a sense of humor, you will get positive attention.

In real life you can also be funny, and that usually gets positive attention. Also, being kind and having a positive outlook.

In school, being nice to others, a smart answer now and again but not so often you are the teacher’s pet, and being helpful to others with notes, or discussion topics. Teachers screw this up by grading on curves. I think grading on a curve is horrible. It ruins teamwork within the classroom, and creates a competitive atmosphere, which I feel is a negative environment for learning.

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I believe that many people don’t care whether the attention is positive or negative so long as some form of attention is received.

I think the best way to gain positive attention is to get and maintain a positive attitude.

Do the best job you can in any and all circumstances.
Show up early.
Have good personal hygiene.
Be polite to others, even those who are somewhat irritating.
Dress nicely. Your clothes don’t have to be new or the latest fashion, just clean and ironed.
Look confident, smile and look people in the eye.
Maintain positive thoughts about yourself and others; do not focus on the negative.
Make an effort to interact positively with others. Get out and try.
Fulfill expectations; both your own and that of others; family, friends, co-workers, etc.
Join clubs, sports, charitable organizations and be an active participant not just on the sideline.
Give to those less fortunate than yourself (there is always someone).
Be a friend.

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“On Fluther if you give great answers, ask great questions, support your opinions with facts, and have a sense of humor, you will get positive attention.” @JLeslie I had to laugh at this. Yes, you do get positive attention for that, but very quietly and undercover.

But mention food stamps and slippers and you get a LOT of instant, emotional, raging attention! The attention will blow you out of your chair!

But say something profound and your GA’s quietly build.

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^^Jellies will send positive PM’s and even give positive reinforcement right on the Q. The simplest thing is getting GA points.

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Right. But my point is, the positive reinforcement isn’t nearly as loud, or intense, as the negative.

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Sawing your own leg off in a public place Too negative.

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I quite like being at a place where I am comfortable with no attention. I appreciate my friends very much who all check in with me occasionally.

It took a lot of work to get to this place. I took 30 years of therapy. It could possibly be done quicker, but that’s my story. I am happy with it.

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For Fluther, be a vocal Hillary Clinton supporter and badmouth anyone who says they are voting third party this year.

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