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How much does fire weigh?

Asked by Brian1946 (27940points) August 26th, 2016

What is the mass of fire per unit of volume?

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I think it’s hot gas and ash, and the mass depends on the specific contents.

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It’s basically a chemical process, so it’s like asking how much evaporation or rust weighs.

Depending on how you define the “fire” I guess the answer would be either 0, or it really depends on what you start with. Burning wood has a different set of products (and flame) than burning magnesium.

Have you seen fire in space? Interesting stuff.

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At the end of the reaction roughly 62 grams per mole

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Like @funkdaddy said, fire is a process, not an object having mass. You could also ask how much electricity, wind, current, or explosion weighs.

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The difference between the weight of the object before and after it burns?

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