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Why would I have to force Skype to quit to get my Mac to shut down?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (18891points) August 27th, 2016

My Mac is running fine as well as I can tell, and Skype seems to have no trouble but when shutting down it won’t unless I force Skype to quit just wondering could it be malware?

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Some programs just don’t automatically shut down when you shut off the computer and so you have to quit them. It shouldn’t be malware, just Skype trying to impose its will.

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You may have to “Force Quit” Skype. You get to the “Force Quit” screen by hitting “command” “option” and “esc” at the same time.

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@Tropical_Willie With my my mac I just click on the Skype Icon and one of the choices is “force quit” I have no problem that way I was just wondering why I have to go that way?

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It may run in the background for incoming “Calls”. That way it can answer.

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This may not apply to you, but I’ve found that programs I’ve automatically set to open at boot-up—Skype was one, the other was Messages—sometimes can play a bit of havoc at start-up and shutdown.

I suggest your looking at Users & Groups in System Preferences to see which, if any, programs are set to auto-start and then un-auto them.

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Macs are tough to find all windows sometimes, so if Skype is running and has a window waiting for a response (like an update) it won’t be able to shut down while that window is up.

There’s an option to “show all windows” when you click the same icon you do to “force quit”, but it just shows them at the bottom in small form, without the contents so isn’t very noticeable, especially if it’s in another space.

One more thing to check for.

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primarily because Skype is a microsoft program that was ported over to Apple devices and is full of all sort old Microsoft crap.

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Skype existed for years on Mac before the company was purchased by Microsoft.

The main problems it has are the same audio/video driver and hardware issues that the whole market of video software faces.

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