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Why do men prefer to shop for meat?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (17720points) August 28th, 2016

Do gender differences in food shopping habits exist?

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Where did you get the supposition for your question? You mean men prefer to shop for meat more than the like to shop for vegetables and starch? Or more than women?

The only place I see men attempting to shop for meat more than women and more than shopping for other things is when they are going to grill.

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@zenvelo Home Improvement show with Tim Allen and, the Wheel of Time books. Also from watching family eat. Ok an exuse to use the grill. Why do men like to grill?

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My husband is much more into meat than I am. He can’t imagine a meal without it. I’d be happy with cheese and broccoli for dinner.

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@Dutchess_III Cheese and broccoli… Yum. I only learned how to shop for meat as a kid. My grandpa had to teach me about fruits and vegetables. My mom taught me how to use an electric frying pan. I still don’t trust my avocado gathering skills.

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Weren’t those shows shot in the early 90s? The man/meat thing is part of the grill worship cult. I love those guys who are into that stuff, because they will feed you wonderful food just to show off. My poor wife was so frustrated that I wouldn’t evolve beyond our rusty old charcoal burning Weber that she ran out to Lowe’s and bought this huge stainless steel propane burning super Weber. It sits under its fancy cover. I loved to snatch the cover off the thing in front of the grandson back when he was 5. I told him the glare from the sun bouncing off the thing would blind the birds who like to raid the apples. My wife cooks wonderful meals on that grill. I gladly clean it and make sure the spare propane tank is always full.

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I’m by no means part of the grill worship cult, but a propane grill would be grounds for divorce in my book.

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I am an adult male vegetarian.
I stop at Aldi every Sunday to see what fruits and vegetables are on sale for the week.

I also shop used shoes a lot, in case your next question is the sexist mirror image of this one.

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I have loved having a propane grill since my family had a cabin in the mountains, and I could grill steaks or burgers or chicken or lamb in the middle of a snowstorm. I have a Webber propane grill I bought myself and I love that I can cook on it year round.

But the Tim Allen thing was also about men and tools and a basic sexist view of modern life. And now he is a right wing gun advocate.

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Males are typically larger,with more muscle than females. With more need for protein, and calories in general.

It makes sense that men would seek protein slightly more than women.

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Depends on what they do on a daily basis @MrGrimm888. If all they do is sit at a desk all day, why do they need more protein?

“Meat” is just one of those manly-man things.

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^Even at a desk,we have more protein required. We’re just (on average ) bigger than women.

If you have two dogs ; one 30 lbs, one 70 lbs, the 70 pound dog will require more food. Simple as that. Caloric output is indeed relevant, but a woman would have to be quite busy to need as much calories, fat,protein etc, as a resting me…

I’m sure there are things females require more than men. So they desire foods more rich in that,than men do.

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Oh my goodness, I thought I was going to have to flag this Q as NSFW. Lol

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Is that homophobic, @Kardamom? (j/k)

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@ibstubro Who said the meat was specifically male? Meat could be a she. That’s why they call bars meat markets ; P

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Well, interesting side note. I inadvertently found my self in a baked-bean cookoff with one of my former class mates at my 40th class reunion tail gate party yesterday evening. I posted about two weeks ago that my side dish would be baked beans. Some days later Fred, my former classmate, posted that he too, would be bringing baked beans.

We were the only two that brought that dish, so there was good natured rivalry from the git go.

So, we were comparing ingredients. I said, “Brown sugar?”
He said, “Yup!”
I said, “Onions?”
He said “Yup! Smoke sauce?”
I said, “Yup. And a touch of maple flavoring.”
He said, “But I put a pound and a half of bacon in mine!!”
I said, “Um, well, I don’t think I put a pound and a half, but probably half a pound. And also, bell peppers.”

One other crucial, (IMO) difference, was that I always cook mine until the ingredients all but disappear. They become as one.
He didn’t. Every bite was filled with chunks of bacon. It was very good, though. Way, way better than most, actually. But the “meat” thing seemed really important to him. The subtle veggie and other flavoring was more important to me.

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