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How likely am I to have loose-skin from weightloss?

Asked by PriceisRightx26 (1255points) August 28th, 2016

I suppose, foremost, my question is: what constitutes massive weight-loss?

If I anticipate losing 40–60 lbs over the span of 2 years, through a healthier diet and more exercise (including weight-lifting), how likely is it that I’ll have saggy skin? I’m still quite young, but I do have stretchmarks and I know that that has to affect quite a bit.

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You will have loose skin for awhile. I lost 60 lbs over the course of 8 months, and my skin was loose for about 6 months after. But only around my belly; my arms, legs and face did not get saggy or loose.

I don’t know what defines “massive” weight loss, I lost over 25% of my weight. But I wouldn’t call it massive.

A suggestion: don’t think about the pounds, think about getting your body mass index into the healthy zone, around 23%.

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If you’re young, you shouldn’t worry about it. More important that you focus on losing the weight. I doubt you’re going to see much loose skin – you’re talking about a slow loss. 2 pounds a month on average. I think your body will adjust just fine.

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Youth is on your side. You will likely lose that weight in less than a year if you stick to it. 1–2 pounds a week is a reasonable plan. Just 1 pound a week is 52 pounds. More likely you will lose 2–3 a week for the first month and then it will slow down, and you might have a week or two of setbacks. Remember a certain amount of calories basically equals a certain weight. This is why dieters plateau.

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Yeah, I have no intentions of dieting. Just plan on increasing my activity level again to what it used to be. My diet in general isn’t particularly bad (usually), I’ll just do a few minor tweaks. My health has really been in the shitter for the past few years and I don’t have the kind of metabolism that allows me to be, both, inactive and thin. I’m more or less anticipating that I’ll drop weight as a side-effect from increased activity. I’m hoping that since I’m going towards slow, steady, sustainable measures of fitness, rather than how much I actually weigh, that it won’t be an issue.

@zenvelo a bit contradictory, methinks, since BMI is solely based on height and weight…

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@PriceisRightx26 Not contradictory at all. I was offering a supportive way to view your goal. Saying “lose 40 – 60 lbs” is a lot different motivationally from “get my BMI in the healthy range.”

Don’t expect to lose that much weight at all simply by exercising. Don’t diet, make a lifetime change in the way you eat. Weight really only comes off from consuming in the neighborhood of 1750 -2000 calories per day from protein, vegetables and low glycemic fruits, and healthy fats.

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Let’s not derail from the question: I’m looking for thoughts on loose skin in relation to weight loss—not weight loss advice.

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This is something that is largely influenced by genetics, so, take into consideration your close family members who have lost larger amounts of weight and how their skin has rebounded (not too terribly).Youth and slow fat loss will both be on your side.

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