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Can you still get a free upgrade to windows 10?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (19403points) August 28th, 2016

I am asking this for my Dad who still has windows7 and would like to upgrade.
Could someone answer this with a link to the site to go to?

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He asked me but I am totally out of the windows game, I really like Mac and I have no desire to ever go back to Microsoft anything.

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Actually.. I just did this for my mom. Even though the official free upgrade is over you can still do it if you get the version for assistive technologies. This is the normal version. But using this link you can still get the free upgrade. And I am not joking. I just did this for my mom a few weeks ago and it works totally fine.

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Can one still open the window 7 documents after downloading this update.
And is it free, with out monthly fees?

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@Inspired_2write My windows 7 programs still work with Win 10. You should be able to open your documents.

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