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What is a household chore that you really hate to do?

Asked by gimmedat (3943points) August 1st, 2008

I really hate to vacuum my stairs! What do you hate, and do you have any cleaning tips that would make someone’s life easier?

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I hate to clean the kitchen

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I loathe cleaning refrigerator, particularly when I always find squishy things that my fingers sink into – long forgotten cukes and zucchini – and lettuce that has turned into liquid. I do one drawer or tray a day.

My best cleaning tip is a nice lady who comes every other weeks and saves my bacon.

(Oh, and the dust buster. I resent the short life span and usually use a broom, brush and dustpan, but with all the cat hairs in my life now, it comes in handy…particularly when I remember to charge the batteries.)

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I hate to clean the bathroom.

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I have this strange issue with putting away my laundry. I wash it, I dry it, I fold it…....and then it sits there. I don’t know what the problem is.

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@syz; consider it art.

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LOL, no, it’s a surface for the cats to lay on (or knock over). Apparently, there’s nothing better than a clean, warm towel to park one’s furry butt on.

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Yes there is. A nice warm female chest – lying down. It is the tail whopping me in the face that gets annoying. And on a night like this one, I feel as tho I am wearing a 12 lb.fur coat in 90˚ heat.

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True. One of my cats has what we call “boobdar”. She can sense the moment that you roll onto your back and instantly plants her not-insignificant weight (supported by tiny stiletto feet) onto sensative breast tissue.

(Sorry for thread-jacking.)

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Anything that must be done in a basement.

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I really don’t like doing the dishes. I despise it, actually.

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Syz: another fave activity is walking across the cheap, plastic tray on my printer. It is now shaped like a catenary, interestingly.

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Ah, gail, I bow to you. I must admit I had to look up “catenary”.

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The thing I hate most is cleaning the refrigerator, both clearing it of old food and actually cleaning it. I dislike dealing with smelly old food and I also feel like cleaning the fridge is a tremendous pain in the butt, is difficult to do to my perfectionist standards, and takes forever.

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@Alena; take my advice and do one part a day…a drawer, a tray, a partition. And I agree; all the antique unidentifiable things in there need rubber gloves and surgical tongs.

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@gail – That’s not a bad idea, thanks. :)

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Mopping and dusting. If I dust (the wife usually does it), I sneeze for the rest of the day.

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Installing screens or storm windows.

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Cleaning the bathroom, especially cleaning the toilet. Nothing grosses me out more. I use gloves of course.

As for cleaning tips, clean the shower…while you shower. Just keep a sponge in there and by cleaning a little/day, you will make life a lot easier for yourself. Do dishes right after eating (so to avoid clumping and stacking). Also, music while cleaning is a must (for me at least), it makes it seem like a lesser task.

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Laundry because unless you are doing it in the nude it is endless.

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Dishes. I can’t do dishes. It actually triggers my gag reflex and makes me throw up. If they’re rinsed really well as soon as they’re used, I can wash them properly later. But if there’s any kind of food residue on them, I can’t even touch them to put them in a dishwasher.

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thank you that is the reason why i hate it when i have kitchen duty. the dishes are too nasty

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Kitchen venetian blinds, metal,
with greasy dust on them. I don’t like taking them down, I don’t like bending over them n the bathtub, and I don’t like putting them back up. Naturally, I have nine of them.

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gailcalled – I like the idea of taking one section each day – you make me wanna clean out the garage again!

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Yard Work – or anything outside for that mater.

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Bending- anything involving bending!

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I really hate putting flatware in the dishwasher and then storing it in the drawer when it’s clean. It’s just an never-ending chore.

I bought extra flatware thinking that would make it easier—i.e., I wouldn’t have to keep rewashing it so often—but that was stupid. Now I just have a lot more flatware to wash and store. Bah!

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