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What to do to keep cool?

Asked by skfinkel (13526points) August 1st, 2008

I’m here in NYC—sweltering. The AC in my bedroom is broken. I made a delicious tomato-cuke-basil-strawberry-avocado salad tonight for my parents. I’m also thinking gazpacho soup. And airconditioned movies and museums. Other ideas?

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Run out immediately and buy a cheap portable fan on a floor stand. Put it next to bed and turn on high. Dampen nightie and hair. Drink quarts of ice water. Put cold rag on forehead. Salad sounds delicious.

Some of your relatives survive without A/C; even with a 12 lb cat sitting on one’s diaphragm – sort of like wearing a small fur coat. Sweltering here, too.

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I should have said that I have a fan. It is blowing hot air, rather successfully, around the room.

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When I stayed with my grandmother as a kid, she had no AC and August in North Carolina is brutal. I would take a cool shower and lay naked on the bed with a fan blowing on me. If I woke up during the night due to the discomfort of being hot, I would repeat the process. I can tolerate heat, but I can’t sleep in it.

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I like to remove articles of clothing one by one until I reach a satisfactory temperature. Often times I will be naked, as I am right now.

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TMI !!

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Lots of cool showers.

Head for the Hamptons.

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Put your suit on.
(Your birthday suit)

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My A/C was out last month for a few days, coinciding with a serious heat wave. I’m not sure how hot it got in here because the thermostat maxes out at 90 degrees.. but it was HAWT. I don’t tolerate heat well, so this was my idea of hell. I opened all the windows, ran fans in whatever room I was in, soaked in a cool bath for 30–45 minutes to lower my body temp, went to Panera (free a/c and WiFi), and to sleep at night, I found something that works awesomely. I wet a towel and squeezed it out so it wasn’t dripping, pointed the fan at the bed to blow over me, then I got in bed nude and laid the wet towel over my back and legs. It was like a personal air conditioner, it definitely cooled me off enough to sleep well and it felt great!

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we had a whole house fan that exhausted through the attic and would draw in air through all the open windows. I t was a 48 inch fan that really moved the air, but humid is still humid.

daytime cooling during move from son’s Marine duty to Illinois in UHAUL in July with broken AC and 110+ in Vegas area, we got atomizer trigger water bottles and spritzed each other while driving in our underwear. Evaporating water on skin is very cooling. It worked, we survived.

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@alena That’s what I do.

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also, try NOT wiping the sweat off of you every chance you get. It’s the body’s way of cooling. As air from a fan or the wind passes over you, the evaporation actually cools you just a bit.

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frozen flexi-bag of blue gel from the freezer, laid on the back of your neck or strapped to it.
ice on wrists.
water, water, water down the hatch.

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Hang out in a walk-in refrigerator.

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^^^ That’s so what I do at work. A few minutes in the freezer, fridge, or beer cooler (all walk-in).. aaaaaahhh.. so much better.

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