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When did you switch the jobs?

Asked by imrainmaker (8365points) August 29th, 2016

How often have you switched the jobs? Was it only money behind the switch or getting more challenging work was?

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In my youth, I would switch jobs at the drop of a hat. It was such a different era. Very good jobs were plentiful, and as strange as it might sound to young people today, I never even considered the possibility that I couldn’t get a better job than the one I left.

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When my first son was born I was offered an opportunity to work for one of my suppliers. Offered me full benefits and enough of a salary where my wife would not have to work. Being self employed at the time, a salary and benefits meant security for my new family. I took the job and fifteen years later I owned the company. Go figure.

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When I was in the work force, between 1964 and 1980, I moved from one job to another because of changing where I lived, most of the time. I was a bookkeeper, so I could get a job anywhere I went. I got sloppy once and was let go, but it never happened again.

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I’m addicted to the start-up life so I’ve already learned the hard way that my job isn’t very stable. My last company laid me off because they were a start up and they are having financial troubles. I went to another start up because I don’t learn.

I am very fortunate though in that my skills (software engineer) are in high demand. Getting a new job after I was laid off was easy, so I don’t live in fear of being laid off again.

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When I was young, I switched jobs occasionally. I worked drilling marble in a trophy shop, as a clerk in a liquor store, and as a cook at Kentucky Fried Chicken.
I got a job as a cord board long distance operator for Ma Bell, and worked there for a year, before transferring to be a Splicer in San Francisco. I stayed in that title for 35 years, though I changed locations and duties about every 7 years. I retired in 2013, as a Splicer, working in the Digital work group. We would build and maintain fiber optic equipment. Not anything like normal splicing, but that was still my title.

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