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What are some good jobs for the layman?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (18837points) August 29th, 2016

Just high school and nothing little else.

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Work construction. Start as a laborer, start learning a trade.

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Become an apprentice at any trade that interests you…be a bagger at the grocery chain and work you way up the ladder…get an entry level job at the many levels of careers at your local municipality…work at a temp agency that can often lead to full time hire at jobs you would otherwise not have access to.

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Every job requires skill. It’s a matter of pursuing the position that is the right fit. Identify your interests, and then do the research to find out if qualifications are typically required first or if they can be trained on the job.

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Walk around town for a whole day and say hello to ten people you’ve never met before. The whole day. Have lunch away from home.

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If you are in high school, make an appointment with your counselor and ask for a career placement test. If you are not in school, most employment agencies will be glad to give you such a test free of charge.

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Presidential nominee for the republican party.

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If pay isn’t a major concern, then consider the world your oyster. The region I live in has “temp-services” that will put low- to no-skill workers in jobs fairly quickly. I agree that you should look into companies that offer some growth, whether it’s promotion within the company, education, or pay. And please, for your own sake, don’t force yourself into a job that you absolutely hate. If you wake up every morning dreading work, you’re doing it wrong.

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