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What do you do for a migraine headache?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (19380points) August 29th, 2016

I have had this killer headache since yesterday afternoon and nothing seems to help it.
Couldn’t sleep last night because of it and couldn’t go to work this morning.

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I take it you mean a migraine,

Make sure you are hydrated. Dehydration can cause headaches.

Have you suddenly stopped caffeine? Have a cup of coffee or tea. caffeine withdrawal causes a nasty headache.

Where is it located? Is it in your forehead, in the middle of your head, or is it in your sinuses? If it is in your sinuses, try a decongestant and use a neti pot to rinse your sinus.

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How is your blood pressure? If it’s been hanging around for a while, you should see your doctor. Other than that do what @zenvelo suggests. I would take some Mersyndol (not sure what the brand name would be where you are). When I get a migraine, I need to take some strong pain killers and I go to bed and sleep. Be prepared to feel a bit vague for 24-hours or so afterwards.

Do see your doctor if this hasn’t cleared for 24 hours. Just to be on the safe side.

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Thanks I think it was a lack of caffeine, and and a bit of dehydration forced myself to have 3 coffees today then a couple big glasses of water and it seems to be backing off now.
See on my work days I drink coffee pretty much all day while driving and on the weekends tend to back off or just forget to have one or two then a day later I really pay for it
Just this time was one of the worse I ever had.

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Caffeine withdrawal can be a killer. Perhaps there’s a warning for you there. Might be time to wean yourself off so much coffee. Glad you’re feeling better.

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I usually take the 400 mg dose of ibruprophin. Seems to be the best pain killer for me. The brand we use in Ireland is called Nurofen Express. In the US I believe your equilant is Advil. It is only occasionally that I require to take them. I usually get strong headaches when I’m overheated and sleep deprived.

Warning for anyone considering taking this painkiller. It’s not recommended for anyone with asthma, high blood pressure, stomach ulcers, or heart related issues and you must eat before you consume it. Always stay within the dosage as ibruprophin can be extremely harsh on the stomach if abused. If symptoms are ongoing, always consult a doctor. It’s never a good idea to be taking painkillers every single day of the week.

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Peppermint on my temples is the quickest cure for me

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I meditate and relax.

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Migraine is actually a severe headache condition so you must be careful with that. My father used to have it too when he was young and then he took acupuncture and massage. Besides, ice or a cold compress can help you greatly, in fact.

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When I have a mifgraine, I try to eat Omega3 – fatty acid – rich foods because they are considered as a natural anti-inflammatory effect. Some foods that I tend to eat when it comes to migraine is tuna, salmon. Besides, you can take some massage to help your head relax. Coffe, even sometimes is good to relieve the symptoms of migraine.

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