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Does it irk you when you want to look at a website that sells stuff, but you have to make an account before you can browse?

Asked by Dutchess_III (42477points) August 30th, 2016

I like “Zoolily.” I want to look at their stuff. But there is a big pop up in the middle of the page that demands I make an account first.

Same thing with Deal Dash.

I have not made an account with either at this point.

Is this a wise, or foolish, demand on the part of the web site producers?

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If I have to make an account and really want to look I use a throwaway address that I never check.
You can get fun ones at

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Oh, I have one.

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Absolutely. I just want to see if what you have is what I am interested in.

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BWA HAhahahahaha….

Thanks @LuckyGuy – I’m now the proud owner of

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