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What should be done with all the refugees from Africa, and The Middle East?

Asked by MrGrimm888 (19124points) August 30th, 2016

Every day I see heartbreaking images of them clinging to the sides of boats, or washed up dead.

Seems like asking Italy to take them all isn’t viable. France is already trying to make their country less Muslim friendly. Seems like most European countries either can’t, or won’t take them. Turkey may have been helpful, but now they have their own crap to deal with.

What can be done with these millions of displaced people? Most have little to no possessions, or money. Hope is in short supply.

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I support the International Rescue Committee – – which is getting aid to refugees. They are a very well-vetted organization of high repute whose head was the Foreign Office Minister of Britain and whose parents were Holocaust refugees. It’s not the answer, of course, but it is at least something practical to do.

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Tough question. First of all, teach them about birth and population control.

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We could begin by identifying the underlying problem and dealing directly with that instead of the aftermath.

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@rojo What might you suggest?

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I really don’t know enough to put forth any suggestions or even to understand what the cause of the problem is. I have my suspicions but that is all they are. But, we know people do not leave their homes en masse to face the unknown unless the known is terrifying.

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Helping them creating a better life in their homeland, so they have no reason to run away.

Easier said than done, of course.

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What about Australia? Isn’t there a lot of room there for refugees?

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There is lots of room in Nevada, USA, but I’m not advocating that they all go there.

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